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Program Leading into V-Diet


Getting married in early June and starting a 4 month cut next week. I normally train 5/3/1 and have been working in low intensity conditioning, often with a weighted vest, 3-4x weekly. I eat approximately maintenance cals with protein at 1g/lb BW and carbs <30g/day. Supplements include whey/casein, creatine (5g daily), fish oil (5-6g omega3 daily), and a multi.

I’m planning on running the V Diet directly leading into the wedding but I’m looking for suggestions on training/diet/supplementation for the ~3 mo between that time and next week. Right now, my comfort zone would be to stick with 5/3/1 while slowly increasing conditioning and decreasing cals.

Does anyone have any other ideas that would help me be more productive during this time period?


If want maximum results do this template below at maintenance calories/very small deficit but make your carb sources super clean…

If want to stick to 5/3/1, tack these on to workouts for conditioning…


Thanks RB. Given some injury history, I can’t do the Zombie Apocalypse plan without bastardizing the hell out of it. I like the idea of adding the conditioning templates. Bumping for any other ideas.


Some more options…

Great 5/3/1 hybrid here, giant sets will give super fast results but optional if in busy gym etc. main thing is get in the main lift work then go really fast through assistance…


You have 4 months to play with so you have plenty of options, but the upshot is not what programme you should be doing but what diet should you be on.

Secondly, you have got the drastic dieting in the wrong order. Do it now to kick start progress not a couple of weeks out - when you will be stressed as hell as it is with the wedding prep.