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Program is Up in 4 Weeks, What's Next?


I know it may be too early to be asking, but in 4 short weeks I'll be through with a 10 week program that relied heavily on a 10 x 3, 5 x 10, 50 total, and alternate weeks of 10 x 10 (just squats and deads). The primary goal was to add some muscle and add some strength. I won't know the true results till I test my new maxes, but I've definitely seen some growth.

The problem is, I'm starting to hit some limits as far as noticing some weaknesses in smaller supporting muscles (groin, upper left pec more in the area of the rotator). I've been working on both of those to develop them, but I have a feeling it'll be a long process. Especially since I finally got my groin to where it's functional again (just weak).

So, the main thing here is that these weaknesses become apparaent only in my 10 x 3 training with heavy weights. Should I just rear back on the weight and choose a program that's lighter with more volume while I'm rehabing or should I find a way to keep the strength training in there, but lower the overall intensity? I also wouldn't mind improving my conditioning. Any thoughts or inputs would be appreciated.