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Ok, been reading my ass of since I found this website just a few days ago and I must say I am on a little bit of an information overload, so I figured I would ask a few questions in order to better understand what Ive been reading. But first I wanted to describe my situation. I am 31 about 192lbs and around 22%body fat.

I am lifting for about an hour 4 days a week and doing some HIIT for about 20-30 min in the mornings.....pretty much everyday, and taking one day off. I am currently taking about 175-200 grams of protein a day and taking creatine. I started an account on fitday and my daily caloric intake is around 2000. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Should I add or could I add HOT-ROX to help speed up fat loss?
  2. I have heard thats its not a good idea to do cardio after a weight lifting session. Is this true? Or could I do some HIIT after my weight lifting? Or am I better off to split it like I am currently with HIIT in the mornings and lifting in the evenings.

I mainly want to drop this body fat and tone up a little in the process. I have no desire to be 200 lbs and big. 165-170 and toned would be what I am after. Once I get to that point I will see if I want to try to add a lot of muscle mass, but for now its not my main goal. Please advise and explain recommendations


I havent got any information on the second question but yes, you can add HOT-ROX, I?ve read somewhere that you shoud take it on a empty stomach, :slight_smile:


I am training a female client of mine that wants to lose weight. She is taking in around 1700 calories. She weighs 144 or so. She has been losing weight with this caloric intake. My guess would be that you are not eating nearly enough.

You may lose weight but your body composition probably will not improve as much as it should, because your body is basically eating itself (muscle wise) Also if you drop calories too far below what you need to maintain your body weight (BMR+ daily exercise expenditure) your metabolism will probably drop as well.


HIIT is best done on a seperate day both it and weight deserve a great deal of energy and attention. If you must do some steday state cardio AFTER the weights. Hell id prefer to do and extra set of weight though or go rest/heal..