Program Help

Hi all, just the usual long time reader & first time poster. Just some brief about me -

Height: 188cm
Weight: 86 - 87kgs
BF%: 12 - 13%

Squat - 130kgs
Bench - 85kgs
Deadlift - Never done.

I’ve been lifting for a little over a year now, and basically am sturggling to make new progress. My ‘newbie gains’ were pretty good (started around 78kgs) and am currently sitting around 86 - 87kgs depending on the day. I lifted 5 days a week, had a solid routine & was also hitting all nutrient / macro requirements. I was also doing First XV Rugby Training three days a week (2 hours of fitness as well as ballskills, heavy contact etc).

Basically all of this has levelled out and I’m struggling to use the weights that I was previously using, for the same amount of sets. I am a lot stronger in my legs then I am upper body.

Essentially, what I am asking for is a program that will help me develop pure strength. I need something that will make me physically strong. I realise it takes time, I want to play Premier Grade Rugby in the next two years and need to bulk up quiet a bit. I’m willing to do whatever it takes.



Do you need to bulk up or do you need to get brutally strong? Because you’ve mentioned both as goals in your post.

Either way 5/3/1 is your answer, the exact template will depend on your specific goals.

Is there a certain number of days per week you would prefer to lift that wouldn’t interfere with you prioritizing rugby? Cause it seems like that could be the cause of your struggles right now.