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Program Help!


Im 6'1 220ish and need help reviewing my two upper body days a week.

Pause Bench 3x6 two second dead pause
WEighted Pullups 3x8
Incline DB 3x8
Crazy 8 curls with ez bar
Hang & press 3x6
weighted dips 3x8reverse bb rows 3x10
3 way shoulders 3x 8 with db
upright row 3x6
db shrug 3x25 ss with bandclose grip db bench rep out x 3

Close grip bench
weighted chinup 3x8
hammer curls 3x6
db flat bench 3x12
db rows 3x10
hs row 3x6
military 3x8
one arm push press 3x6
hang clean 3x6
skull crushers and pushbacks
trap superset
pin press

I play football and have been successful so far in making progress. Usually i just go by feel and dont write out a routine. this is just a basic stup for each day. i usually add in exercises for bparts i feel i didnt hit correctly, back, tris, ect. Im around a 335 bench and 270 hang clean right now. Im hoping to hit 365 and 300 respectively by season while maintaing speed and my vert. thanks for any insight


I'll just say that if its working then keep doing it. BUT.................

That seems like WAYYYY too many exercises in one session. Your upper body days have 9 exercises, and your lower body days have 12. Just think about that for a second. Are you able to give every exercise your best? Answering that will tell you what you have to do. If you really want a proven upper/lower split, use WS4SB or 5/3/1. Then again, those are powerlifting routines, best saved for the powerlifting forum.

Just sit back at your computer and look at the amount of exercises you have.


I don't see anything wrong with what you have... It doesn't really matter as long as you're working hard.

If you're going to really worry about what you're doing in the gym, get a structural balance assessment and start paying attention to things like your rotator cuff and soft tissue quality to keep you free of injury. Other than that, all this complicated programming crap is pointless. Total body, split routines, "dynamic depolarization threshold training"... whatever.

Lift hard with compound movements. Avoid failure. Go home. It really is that simple.


I'm a high volume guy, and I have to disagree. I definitely work harder than almost everyone doing 'high intensity' routines. Recovery and progress will be determined by diet and rest. Unless the volume is INSANE, which here it isn't IMO.


Well hence I said if its working, then keep doing it.

I also wanted to correct that I said "lower body" day, when you you just showed two upper body days.

None the less, I think for most individuals, that's way too much in one session.


I agree that it is way too much. Obviously I don't know how you best respond but I think most people would be better off focusing on 4-6 lifts, and going balls to the walls on said lifts, shooting for progression in the fashion of reps or weight next time around.


Thanks just an fyi as the weeks go on ill up the number of set and drop reps. working towards my maxes