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Program Help from Pros?

Looking for advice from some pro strongmen on here. How would I run a 4day a week training routine with events included on gym days?
Day 1
Front squats

Day 2
Strict barbell press

Day 3
Farmers walk
Power cleans
Back work&abs

Day 4
Incline bench
Flat dbs press
Atlas stones

What’s people’s thoughts on this??

Phil Phitzer has a dvd on training, i think you can still get from Jackelsgym.com check out their web site. The Gillinghams are really nice guys who are much more knowledgeable than me. They also sell knee elbow sleeves tacky if you bought products from them im sure they would help with routine.

The main thing i see is day three and four deadlifts farmers walk,backwork. Then day four stones ouch . I think you will severely overtrain posterior chain .

Strongman events are very taxing on body.
I believe there are strongman only websites now i would go their, and remember one thing, these guys may be future competitors.

HITSTRONGMAN has a you tube channel go their you might have training sessions on.
Good luck

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