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Program Help For Back


Hey guys, I have been hanging out here a long time but I havent posted much. I was just looking for some info on a good program that will help build my back and shoulders. I like doing full body programs that focus mainly on compound lifts. I was just looking for a setup that would focus a good amount on catching my back up with the rest of my upper body. Dont get me wrong, not looking to ONLY work the back and shoulders, just focus on them a little more.

I have been lifting for about 1.5 years. I have been doing HGM from mens health, and thought about buying New Rules of Lifting sometime soon. I havent done any of the T-Nation workouts so if one of those will work, suggest that and maybe hook me up with a link. Thanks guys!!!


I should maybe ad a little background info. I started at around 280-290 lbs about 3 years ago. I am now down to around 200. I still do cardio 2 or 3 times a week but it is usually HIIT with a jump rope or bike. I usually eat around 2500 cals a day. I am 6'2" and like I said around 200 lbs.


Well you like full body and need to bring the back up. I say Look ast CW's TBT program and then read his Booster Shots article and do booster shots for the upper back.

Hope that helps,


That TBT program looks pretty good. I will have to try that out. It pretty much lets me set up the program, it just gives me the guidelines I need help with. I have read a few reviews on it and people seem to like it. Thanks Phil!!!


Want to build an upper Back? Do This



Mainly, I want to help out that V shape. I have a pretty good start, its just that my back and shoulders are a little behind my arms and chest.


Cleans. Good fun to learn as well if you can't already do them.

Pull ups. Chin Ups. Seated Rows.

Just install a few of these into a program and you'll be set.