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Because of time constraints and other commitments, I've been working on a new program. I would like some input on if you think it looks solid and where it can be improved.

I'm 30, 5'9.75" and a fairly lean 187lbs (I can see all my abs without flexing).

My goals in decreasing order performance(I play in a couple basketball leagues, a flag-football league, etc.), strength and size. Size would be higher on the list, but I realize with my time commitments I can't dedicate adequate time to achieve maximum size. I will take what I can get.

I have three kids and work a professional type job 8:00 to 7:30 everyday but Saturday and Sunday. I generally put in a couple of hours of work on Saturdays and Sundays, however, and the rest of the time on those days I do family stuff (e.g., going to the zoo, playing in the park, etc.) Thus, I only have an hour to workout in the morning (5:15ish), except for my late evening basketball league games.

Diet is a little hit and miss because I have a lot of work related lunches and dinners. I do try and eat clean. I supplement with creatine and various protein powders.

I've structured my program into two-week blocks and incorporate circuit style work (e.g., excerise 1, rest for 30 seconds, exercise 2, rest for 30 seconds, exercise 3, rest for 30 seconds, repeat) to save time. I will probably use the program as is for 6 weeks, have a light week, and then keep the workout but substitute a few of the exercises (deadlifts for cable pull through). My splits are: (1) Chest, Biceps, Triceps; (2) Back and Shoulders; (3) Legs and Abs.

Week 1:
Sunday: Cardio
Monday: C/B/T
Tuesday: B/S
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: L/A
Friday: C/B/T
Saturday: B/S

Week 2:
Sunday: Cardio
Monday: L/A
Tuesday: C/B/T
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: B/S
Friday: L/A
Saturday: Cardio/Rest

My "cardio" workouts right now are basketball games, yoga or bodyweight excercise circuits.

Circuit A: (performed after ramping on the first major exercise)
1. Cable Chest Press from Low Pulley (4x8)
2. Bicep Curls (4x8)
3. Tricep Pressdowns (Rope Attachment) (4x8)

Circuit B:
1. Chest Flyes (4x8)
2. Single-Arm Preacher Curls (4x8)
3. Weighted Dips (4x8)

Circuit A: (performed after ramping on the first major exercise)
1. Weighted Pull-Ups (4x8)
2. Seated Front Shoulder Press (4x8)
3. Cable Rows (4x8)
4. Wide Rear Should Pull with Resistance Bands (4x8)

Circuit B:
1. Weighted Chin-Ups (4x8)
2. In-and-Outs (alternating lateral raise with front raise) (4x16)
3. Back Flyes (4x8)

Circuit A: (performed after ramping on the first major exercise)
1. Front Squat (4x8)
2. Hanging Leg Raises (4x15)
3. Cable Pull-Throughs (4x8)

Circuit B:
1. Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat from Deficit (4x8 each leg)
2. Renegade Rows (4x5)

Circuit C:
1. Dumbbell Calf Raises (1x75 -- 25-25-25 with toes pointed out, straight ahead, and in)

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for the feedback.


i wouldnt have a bicep day and a back day on consecutive days.

i dont want to say it is a bad routine.

you still have 3-5 days a week to lift right?

id just do a 3 to 5 day split

upper/lower splits are okay

but if you have 4 days a week id just give every major muscle group a day.

like chest/tri, back/ bi, legs, shoulders/abs

thats just me,
and id recomend you add either dumbbel/barbell flat or incline on your chest days.


Thanks for your comments.

I've went back and forth on the body part split and the bicep/back workout sequence. I will have to think about it some more. I like working triceps and biceps on the same day. It is just a preference thing.

When I rotate exercises, I will probably sub a dumbbell bench press for the cable press.


80+ views and only one comment. I hope that is a good sign, but I'm thinking it is just that no one cares.




It's not very good for strength or mass.

Typically the workout is centered around 1-2 compound lifts and 3-4 isolation exercises for a given body part. Plenty of information out there ... Bodybuilding Bible, KingBeef's new thread ... have a look around.


This kinda looks like a mens health routine or something.

You said you substitute deads in light week but i cant see any in your original routine :S


I'll level with you. It is more likely due to the fact these threads pop up all the time, to which they would be less common through a little research. Example being there are a number of threads on the first page of the bodybuilding forum which are full of very good information from beginners to intermediates and even advanced.

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^^ there's a few for you to start with. There are others by The Mighty Stu, Alex Raymond, KingBeef, etc. (hope I didn't leave anyone out, if so I apologise!) just on page 1.