Program from ''Theory and Application of Modern...'' for 1A

Coach, I started training based on your athlete program, using different contraction types through the week.

My question is about 1A (me) and the parameters of the program, for example, during ACC block, concentric lower body is the same day as eccentric upper, so I did two sessions today, each about 1 hour (with warmup). Also, I lower all of the sets to 3 sets tops, and for concentric lower did post fatigue method (leg press x8 + Leg ext x10).

Is this too much lactic acid buildup/volume for 1A in general?? Intensification block sure will not be with less exercises, but how can I adjust it for 1A, or should I switch to say Bulgarian Simplified??

Thank you

It’s WAY too much volume for a 1A. That book was written 14-15 yers ago. And while the material in it is still accurate, and the foundation to how I train athletes now, the volume was too high. I learned better over the years. It’s especially high for a 1A.

I train a 1A bobsleigh athlete and we only do 3 lifts per workout. To be honest, he also does speed work for his sport. But on the counterpart he is a “pro” athlete in that he is paid by the government to train and trains/lives at the national center. So very low stress level.

He normally has either a sprint or bobsleigh push session in the morning and 3 weekly strength workouts. When we did more volume his performances dropped.

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Thank you, will try. Appreciate your reply

(it even rhymes yo)