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Program for Unusual Circumstances?

I need some advice on what I should do on Monday. I usually have a set out program, usually from this site that I use. The best was OVT. However since working out at home I’ve been creating my own workouts, basically benching, some dumbell flys, squats, military press, dead lifts, curls, the usual. Nothing fancy.

I want to get on a set program again, as I’m not sure my workouts are optimal. I guess I’m curious as to what type of program would help me accomplish my goals faster. I’m 210, 6’4, and fairly weak for my size. Max bench is 200, max DL is 300, Max squat is 225. My goals are probably 70/30 hypertrophy/strength, but in order to get that hypertrophy it seems like I need to get ALOT stronger.

What does everyone feel is a good program for someone in my situation? I’ve been reading alot about ABBH and it seems like a good mix of size and strength. And there is also OVT, which I’ve done. And I will deffinetly be on a bulking diet for this.

If I were you I’d concentrate on pure strength for a while. Use a conjugated periodization type program like Dave Tate lays out for eight or nine weeks and get your lifts up. ABBH would be good but in my opinion at your size you need to move some iron!

I liked Poliquin’s 1,6,1, 6 program, only basic lifts required, and good improvement in strength whenever I use it.