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Program for Summer

This is my new program for summer if anyone cares. Looking to hold on to strength and muscle size but get fit and lose some fat.
The focus is on performance gain, not so much aesthetics, as i find these come as a secondary effect to becoming more athletic.

it is a five day split.
3 heavy days (2 upper body one lower).
2 power days.

A1 Bench
A2 Bent Rows pronated grip ezy bar
10reps @ 13 RM,
8 reps @ 9 RM
3x 6 rep @ 6RM (working sets) ~90 sec rest
[i basically have the same load (eg 2 wheels each side for both bars) on each bar howevr the ezy bar is only 10kg not 20 so it gives my back a 10kg lesser load which works out quite well :slight_smile: ]

B1 Pronated Pull ups (med/wide grip) (CHINS!!)
B2 standing shoulder Press
3 X 8 @ 8RM

cardio (20 minutes steady state, hey im still bloody unfit!)

-15minutes HIIT

-5 sets of bodyweight complex
pressup to pull up to pike (NO weights used!!!) x 8
<60s rest

-Power Cleans 5 x 5
-Push press 5 x 5
-abs( pick an “upper”, “lower” and rotational movement 2 sets each)

A1 Incline db Bench
A2 supinated Sternum Pull ups
10reps @ 13 RM,
8 reps @ 9 RM
3x 6 rep @ 6RM (working sets)~90sec rest

B1 tbar rows (close hammer grip)
B2 dips
3 X 8 @ 8RM

cardio (20 minutes steady state)

-15minutes HIIT

-5 sets of bodyweight complex
pressup to pull up to pike (NO weights used!!!) x 8
<60s rest

-hanging snatch 5 x 3
-push jerk 5 x 3
-Bar bell curls 3 x 6

-Box Squats 5 sets
-GHR 4 sets -AMAP
-Deadlifts/rack pulls (see how my low back feels) 3 x 3
-standing calf raises 3 x 15 (anything heavier leaves bigs knurling marks in my back, yeah i know im a big friggin pussy)

nothing on sat and sun cause i work, and will be absolutely F****d, making it counterproductive…
comments are more than welcome
currently 218lb @ 15% BF
bench 300lb
squat 400lb
dL 445lb
3km run last week took 15 minutes (hahaha i used to do it under 10!!)
diet losely based on DontDiet, but that all goes to custard when working at the bar (is Guinness P+C or P+A hehehe)

Wow, the whole “southern hemisphere” thing really threw me for a second.

Dan “Geographically Challenged” McVicker

I will reply to this in detail, at this stage I will say I think you have too many pressing movements both vertical and horizontal.

Re the Guiness does P&C mean puke and clean? :slight_smile:

three things
first: H, your right, ive already dropped the Monday mil press. the tue & thurs are mainly for speed. i dont normally do much over-head-pressing/direct-shoulder-work at all to be honest, so it will be interesting.
second thing is Friday and wed are mixed up, sorry.
third, the diet although DD based is not greatly hypocaloric. mainly just cleaned up (less hot dogs icecream and wendys.) in ten days the seperation between quads is already clearly visible, which i have NEVER seen before, even at a much lower body fat.