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Program for Strength and Fat Loss


Hello everybody,
I need help creating a program. My gym has Dumbbells up to 100 pounds and machines. I'm 40 years 5'10 228 pounds with 28 percent body fat. My main goal is to be the strongest I can be and shed at least 20 pounds of fat.

We don't have s free weight barbell or squat rack but my maxes are as follows:

Bench - 206
Squat - 285
Dead - 250
Press - 135

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Also I'm able to workout mom thru Friday.



Do you have an ability to go to another gym with a squat rack?


Unfortunately not. I have a gym at work for 10 bucks a month. In the evenings I teach school and whenever not teaching I'm also studying for some exams for the next four months. I plan to sign on with golds in the spring but I want to get started now but having issues designing a plan. Guy at the gym gave me a plan that included bosu balls and climbing machine. It may work but I didn't like it. I used to play football and we did all explosive lifts cleans, jerk, snatch not this push-up on bosu ball.

Just exhausted thinking about it. Lol.


Don't forget the mighty goblet squat!


CDOGG, have a look at Wendlers' 5/3/1 program. As far as shedding fat stick to eating lean and high protein.


^Pretty much this.

To get strong, follow one of the many Powerlifting templates that can be found here on TN. I am not a powerlifter myself, but have heard good things about 5/3/1. And as Mr. Wendler has a subforum here, you can't beat it for convenience when questions arise.

To lose 20# of fat, you have to average a fairly significant caloric deficit for a fairly significant amount of time, all the while maintaining a vigorous weightlifting routine. And just as there are a number of proven powerlifting programs out there, so too are there myriad proven approaches to achieving a sustained caloric deficit. In that regard, my personal favorite is carb cycling; if you search TN, you'll find several articles and a number of threads about it.

So in a nutshell:
1) Find a powerlifting program that appeals to you.
2) Find a diet you can live with.
3) Commence grinding.

Best of luck, and keep us posted re your progress.