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Program for Sprint Training


I'm trying to find a good lifting program on this site that would go well with my sprint training (on the bike). Here are my goals in order of importance:

  1. My reason for living is to sprint like a mofo
  2. Greatly improve lower body explosive power
  3. Increase total body strength, emphasizing lower body, obviously.
  4. Put on some muscle!

Stats: 6'1" 178lbs. I am coming from an endurance sport background so I am weak/skinny. Although, I have started weights this past winter.
Vertical jump is HORRENDOUS - 17inches
best lifts: squat- 255lbs, dead- 270, bench- 155 (don't laugh!)

so, I'm looking for a lifting program
that will best fit in with my bike training. I'm on the bike about 8hrs/week, which is overall just light aerobic exercise with tons of sprints thrown in. I have no problem working out twice a day. My sprint workouts on the bike do not take much out of me.

Things to keep in mind are; lower body explosive power and total body strength. I would like to put on some muscle, but I know I can't focus on that if I want to achieve my main goals.

I was thinking: "White men can jump" might be a good choice
Any suggestions?


Hey, I was just wondering if you've seen the Running Man article by Chritian Thibaudeau.
Here's the link:

This is one of my favorites, but you being an avid sprinter, you probably aren't looking for a sprinting article as much as a lifting routine that can help with your sprinting. I just wanted to let you know that this article was our there.

The only thing I'd worry about when finding a routine while sprinting is to make sure you're not over taxing your central nervous system.

I'm not one who's in the possition to give advice for this, but I'd guess that any lower body explosive movements would help with strength. Maybe even something Westsideish where you focus on a day of light weight, fast reps (dynamic effort) along with heavier weight (max effort) days, all in the same week.

Maybe you could spread the westside type of workout out a bid if you're also going to be sprinting during the week, but then again, I'm probably not the one who should give advice on this.


There are many programs and sources to improve your explosive power that you can use, but I would ask are you a competive bike racer? You said sprinting on you bike was your #1 goal. If so I would not worry so much about your lift totals-not bad for someone with an endurance back ground with the bench being the weakest. If bike racing is #1 I would recommend looking at Lance Armstong`s coaches [ Cris Carmichael}site trainright.com and lancearmstong.com/training.html for some tips. Yes Lance can sprint try 270 rpms for 60 min on a cybex bike. good luck gymrat


I do race cat 2 on the road, but I am not doing a lot of racing right now. I mainly ride for fun and I love to sprint, so I want to improve that as much as possible. (I would like to get into track racing some day, doing the sprint events) I know all about the road cyclist training, did it for years. Weights and endurance training mix like oil and water, basically polar opposites, lol. But I'm not looking to improve my race fitness, just my pure sprint.

I will take a second look at the westside program. I have thought about doing a max strength and a explosive day each week.

This week I am experimenting, doing a lot of lifting, and sprints on the bike. I will be shot by tuesday, but I plan to take 4 days recovery next week, to recharge.