Program for Someone Who Cycles 35 Miles a Every Day?

I am in the process of losing a bunch of weight after taking up cycling. I cycle a 35 mile commute everyday of the week. What kind of program would you recommend? I was thinking of something based around bodyweight workouts ?

Anything would work. 35 miles on a bicycle will not affect anything really that significantly, unless your climbing mountains on the bike or something… then I would say just take it easy on heavy leg work until you find a compromise with your work capacity.

It is somewhat hilly with small but steep climbs in several parts. But no mountains.

Yeah man, just do whatever floats your boat. If you introduce something like barbell squats or something like that, just go real light and play around with how it affects your cycling and your recovery. I am a believer that your body will adapt to most things as long as you eat and rest adequately.

I don’t road bike, but I have done plenty of mountain biking and heavy squats in the same week and recover just fine. Your legs are never “fresh,” but it really isn’t that big of a deal, unless you just hate the feeling of a worked body all week :slight_smile:

Thanks dude. I have really bad mobility, terrible ankle dorsiflexion and hip mobility, which I am working on, so I think squatting is out of the question for now though.

Yeah man, no one has to squat by any means or even train their legs in a gym, but if you train your legs in any form just remember you’re pulling out of the same energy/recovery bucket as your cycling does too. You can do both, just be smart in starting out and build up from there.

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I don’t actually think it’ll matter all that much. If you’re used to the 35 mile cycle every day then your work capacity is already good. You adapt to the added stress of squats (or whatever) easily enough so long as you are eating in such a way as to support that.

Also, try goblet squatting. If you can do that, move on to front squatting.