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Program for Size


incline bench press
reverse shoulder flyes
zercher deads

pullovers (cross bench)
overhead press
bent over rows
close grip pull ups (palms supinated)
front squats

I alternate day a with day b every other workout day, which is monday, wednesday, and friday. Thanks.


That sounds interesting, keep us updated.


look ok why not just go ahead and add a third day with say back sqaut. Also on B day two pushes 2 pulls only one leg. little unbalanced maybe add in the RDL's. Just a suggestion


I agree. I started putting on pretty good size when i did both back squats and deadlifts in the same week. I used to think that squats were the best exercise for me but now I lean towards deadlifts. I use zercher squats instead of front squats.


Well see, I don't have enough weight YET to do heavy squats or deads so I substituted front squats and zercher deads in until I can get more weight for my b-day.


Even if you don't have a lot of wieght, you can pratice form on SQ and DL. You will be ready to hit the heavy weight with better form. Plus you can perform high rep back squats, it works wonder for size, trust me.


Ok, I will do that. What about a rep scheme for size?


Maybe 5x5 on the assistance lifts and 3x5 on the main lifts like the zercher deads, inclines, and front squats. I have been thinking about making a day c to just exchange for one of those days when it gets boring. But I really just need help with the rep scheme.


I would go with 3 different full-body days. Heavy on monday, light on wednesday and moderate on friday. This way you reduce the chance of feeling run down by friday.

DAY 1 - Monday - 8x3
A - Good mornings (this will get you ready for some DL when the time comes)-60s
B1 - incline bench presses (DB or BB)- 30s
B2 - pull-ups - 30s
C - Lunges - 60s

DAY 2 - Wednesday - 3x10
A - Full R.O.M back squats (high bar, close stance - 120s
(you don't have enough weight to go heavy, go lighter and rep it out, higher reps back squats is worth it, trust me!)
B - Military presses (DB or BB) - 120s
C - B-O barbell rows - 120s

DAY 3 - Friday - 4x6
A1 - Front squats - 60s
A2 - Close grip chins - 60s
B1 - Dips or flat bench presses - 60s
B2 - Stiff legged DL - 60s

I hope it helps. As you can see this looks a lot like CW's program. Short and effective workouts.


What does the 60s and 120s etc. mean after each exercise? And what do you mean by b1 and b2, a1 and a2? Is that like the exercises you should substitute each time you workout that day or is it supersets? Also, I thought frenquency was one of the most important things for gaining size. I could be wrong. I was always told to work each muscle at least twice a week. Would this program be effective for size gains? And last question, and probably a stupid one, but how much strength do you gain from size routines like these?


Bump. I start tomorrow so I am sorry for being so impatient!


Yes the 60s, 120s... are the rest intervals between each set. B1, B2... are supersets. With that program you work every major muscle group 3 times a week, so yes it is effecttive for size. Yes you should expect strength gains from this program just like with any good lifting program, 8x3 and 4x6 work wonder for size and strength.

Now the best thing that could happen to you would be to stop asking questions and start lifting weight and eat your food. Stay with this program at least 6 weeks, don't jump from program to program, this is the worst thing you can do. Train, eat, sleep, repeat...