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Program for Police/Corrections?


Hello Coach Thibaudeau,
I wrote on another forum a couple months ago and I didn’t receive the information I needed. Not because people didn’t try, everyone that responded was very helpful and informative. It was my fault, I was sloppy in how I approached giving my information such as goals, experience, etc. So, I am trying again here is a better rundown on who I am. I am a 24 year old male that needs help with finding a new workout plan. I currently weigh about 265 pounds (down from 320). I have played sports my whole life even into college. I recently graduated and after three years of not playing sports or taking care of myself I hated the overweight person I saw in the mirror. With a few small lifestyle changes I was able to drop some weight on my own. I have been following the lifting program I used in college to help in the process, but my results have stalled. My goals are to become a police officer in the near future and to drop more weight, to get stronger, and look good aesthetically (I know, not a lot to ask for right?). I currently work in corrections 3-4 days a week and on 12 hour shifts, so I have either 3-4 days off every week. My biggest concern is that they are consecutive days off (wed-fri and every other saturday). I was hoping you or someone else might suggest a lifting/cardio plan that I could do that would fit with my days off.

All the best,