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Program for Older Brother


Okay background info:

-my brother has been lifting for something like ~13 years, can count the number of workouts he has missed on one hand

-busts his ass, has always followed more of a bodybuilder type split, more or less goes in to the gym and just tries to annihilate each body part, works in higher rep ranges

-benches (350+) more than he squats or deadlifts.. mainly due to a lack of actually doing them and being of the opinion that running is leg work....

After a long drunken talk he wants me to give him a program to do. My question is, what would be a good program to transition to lower reps / strength work and get that ridiculous gap between lifts up?



Not that my opinion matters but I would say that he should maybe do something like madcow 5x5 or the texas method if his squat and deadlift numbers are high enough to warrant those programs. If his numbers aren't that high I would say do Starting Strength for his squat and deadlift at least as long as it takes to get him ready for madcow or texas. Just my 2 cents though


interesting ideas thanks, i was thinking starting strength overall at first . On one hand his upper body lifts are fairly advanced but on the other hand his lower body is undertrained and overall he just lacks any sort of programming





EDIT: Sorry for the double post. Apparently the site liked it so much it posted twice.


its a huge difference but i love 5/3/1, plus it still allows the lifter to pursue hypertrophy gains through assistance work, which can always be changed, theres a lot of wiggle room there and its open for a lot of variation with the assistance work, keep it fairly simple though and dont let it get in the way of core lifts