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Program for my Mom

So I have been dealing with health issues as of late that have kept me out of the gym. I have started training a few people in my basement in the down time, just teaching them how to lift. Anyways the first of them was my mom, and she’s made some great progress. Granted she did used to lift before, but its been awhile (like 15 years or so).

Anyways I put her on a modified starting strength, minus the power cleans cause we don’t have a lighter barbell at my house to practice technique on and the 45 was a bit heavy. I swapped those out with inverted rows. Anyways she’s making good profess on linear progression. In 3 weeks she went from not knowing the squat, to squatting 85lbs for 3 sets of 5. She didn’t know how to DL and pulled 115 for 3 sets of 5 today also. She just started bench pressing because she wanted to start with chin ups, but benched 75lbs for 3 sets of 5 her first day. Also she just learned the press today as well and pressed the 45lb bar for 3 sets of 5 with ease (we just worked on form).

Anyways my question is this. When she runs out of linear progression she still wants to maintain a 3 days a week schedule. However, she isn’t interested in constantly increasing weight. I’m hesitant to put her on a maintenance program but she isn’t exactly aspiring to increase absolute strength just maintain bone density and keep a decent level of strength. So should I put her on a maintenance program, or does anyone have any suggestions for simple 3 days a week program that isn’t too intense. I was thinking the texas method, but that seems pretty intense.

Any input as to programming after the initial linear progression would be great. I’m going off to school in a few months to it can’t be too complicated, and she can’t risk an injury. I wasn’t sure if this was the best place to post but thanks for your time. I may throw up this thread in another section as well but figured I would start here.

Seems like she’s progressing well.

Just reinforce technique while you have time with her and she’ll be fine with the program she’s on.
I’d personally lower the weight a bit and work for 4x8 though.

Thanks for the input. Yeah a lowering of weight may be a good idea, I just started with 5’s cause I like that for beginners. Its tricky cause I know what to do if people want to keep getting stronger, or have very specific goals, but it gets harder to program when people have a more general idea of what they want. Maybe I’m just approaching this from the wrong angle though. Thanks again

HI! I also am mom that has been weight lifting for more than 3 years and I know that I had to start off light at first but I am like some of you, who likes to push myself a little bite harder to see how strong I am. Oh, by the way, how old is she, for I will be 55 years old this year and I lift 5 days a week. It’s really up me on how much I really want to change my life.

I have been doing the Indigo Project Program for Fat Lost-Hypertrophy. I started off with the Strength Training Program first and now I am doing the Fat Lost. I feel it helped me allot in building up my muscle tissues and my bone density. Fitness has changed my life and I hope this helps you help your mother too, because I believe it will change her too. You are doing a great thing in helping her today. I am now training my daughter everyday and she loves it. Weight Training is my life.