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Program for My Girl, Full Body Full Booty

Hey im a longtime 5/3/1 guy and looking for womens feedback of this 3 day full body program I made for my girl. Shes been getting into training slowly and the past couple months I had her do a simple BW routine (squat, knee pushups, glute bridge and band pulls).
Past couple weeks (finally got her to realize she wont turn into she hulk with wights) shes been wanting to start hitting the gym and she seems motivated and ready. Shes tall 1.80cm and lean, her goal is grow her booty and be more fit/feel good (not hit deadlift prs like me).
She can commit 3 days a week so I chose full body (linear periodization, add weight when reps done on all sets, start slow)… Guess this will be good for 2-3 months till shes ready for barbell.

mobility Warm up: Bw squat sit, bird dog, hams strech, hip flexor
warm up complex: (bw squat X5, pushupX5, band pullsx5 ) X 2-3

day 1 - Upper emphasis

  1. goblet squat 5X10-12
    2a) Db bench press 4X8-10
    2b) Db row 4X8-10 same weight as bench?
    3a)back raisses 4X10
    3b)abs any she wants

Day2 - Lower emphasis

  1. Sumo Squat 5X10-12
    2a) Db Shoulder press 4x10-12
    2b) DB RDL 4X10-12
    3a)Real lunges 4X 10 per leg BW to start
    3b)abs wtvr she wants

Day 3 - Full balanced

  1. Goblet Squat 5X10-12
    2a) Db lat raises 4X12
    2b) band pull aparts or facepulls 4X10
    3a) cable pull through or leg kickback machine 4x12
    3b) abs wtvrrrr

Conditioning: probably 20 mins eliptical or whatever after training and maybe one more extra day 30 mins.

Goblet/ sumo squats i think will teach her best form before barbell, either than that any feeback comments? too much? rep ranges good?
Thanks a lot!


Hi there Perique.

Sorry, I just noticed that your post is over a week old.

Sample size one here.

I did something very similar when I started lifting. I already had a daily running/ jogging routine so I was in good carido vascular condition, and like your GF, I wasn’t overweight.

I had never really done any resistance training, so I started with mostly BW exercises, which can be fairly challenging. Pushups and Chins in particular, are really challenging for most women. Wall sits, BW squats, lunges.

Then some DB moves like DB walking lunges and Single Leg DB DLs, Goblet Squats, DB shoulder variations, DB rows and pressing.

So, just one person’s opinion here but I see no issue with this as she gets started, learning the movement patterns, learning to activate the muscle she’s working, getting some Mind Muscle Connection (MMC) going.

After that, programming can be very similar to the men, depending on time and goals. I train mostly for aesthetics, and right now I’m focused more on Glutes and Delts, so I will often spend more time on body parts I want to bring up. I really like a 4-Way Body Part Split and I usually train 6 days per week, but I think she can do just fine training 3 days per week.

BTW, most of the women here are PLers, and I think only a few of us like to write our own programs that are more geared toward aesthetics. I assume that’s why you aren’t getting a lot of response here. We have several women who follow PLing programming, or are following established programs. I would recommend @jamie1888’s log for looking at experience with some female specific training that isn’t PLer focused.

@ Training with your GF. So fun. It’s nice to be able to train together, and help someone get started.

Best of luck to you!

Oh, I will leave this here since she wants to bring up Glutes, and to give her some inspiration and ideas. BTW, if she really wants to bring up her glutes, Bret Contreras has women training Glutes 2-3 times per week.


He has her on 5/3/1. I talked to him on anotherbthread. She’s watching videos and taking seriously :blush:. But yeah your post was dead on!


OK. Cool.

@Merkava4, if you’re programming 5/3/1 for her so you can more easily train together, then that’s understandable, especially if you’re having fun together. I still like your idea of doing the BW work, and movements like goblet squats, but of course she can get started with a BB if she has the strength and flexibility, and 5/3/1 has some freedom with your accessories and warmup programming.

@ Strength programming. A female beginner can certainly follow a simple linear progression in the first year or more, to build a foundation of strength. I do not have a PLing emphasis, but have been able to hit strength milestones like a 2XBW DL, a 1.5XBW Squat, and a BW+ Bench, and I’ve never done 5/3/1. Just simple linear progression work like 5x5 programming, and programming in higher rep ranges. PLing is not my emphasis, so I’m happy with my strength. Her mileage may vary.

A lot of women in the gym make the very simple mistake of neglecting to progress to heavier weights.


Eat big, lift big!!!

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Wow thanks for the great reply you two!
Ive been on this site anlong time and have seen quite a few Bret glute guy contreras articles haha. Ill definitely show her that video tomorrow thanks alot.
Shes not on 5/3/1 yet, i dont know if thats best for her but for now its been alittle over a week and she did her workout A day for the second time (adding just 1kg and one set, she did 4 sets last time). Shes tall and wants to work her bum so i figured squat everyday is best. I had to change the RDL for cable pull throughs since shes having difficulty learning the hinge but its coming along. Prolly throw glute bridges back in as well and they have this leg kickback machind at the gym that lets her do the same single leg movement as in the smith machine so thats good also.
Shes getting scared that benching with 3kg dumbbells and banded rows are going to magically make her all beefed up one morning. I had to point out that it aint easy and wont gappen by accident🤣


@anon71262119 is da bomb. She’s taught me so much. Really hope your gf sticks with it and you guys have the same lifestyle! Oh, if only I could get my hubby to lift. At least it spots :hugs:


Thanks for the shout out @anon71262119 !

Getting the glutes activated is key. (as with all muscles)… make sure with whatever exercise she’s doing, she’s feeling it in the targeted area. I’ve been lifting for years but it’s only as of fairly recently that I’ve learned to make that mind/muscle connection. Have her emphasize the squeeze of the muscles.

Here’s an article if you haven’t read through this one yet.

As @anon71262119 mentioned, throw in some single leg work. I just added single leg, Smith Machine split squats this week and holy cow my glutes are sore!

Also, make sure she’s eating enough calories and protein to support muscle growth.


Awesomeness and have her check out your food porn :crazy_face::hugs: