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Program for my Daughter


Her current 3rm for Bench is 40 kg. She is 23, has been training off and on for this year. She did hp mass for awhile also.
she is 5'9" and weighs about 120 -125 lbs i think.
she has been doing 3x3 with 40kg, the 4x5 with 30kg, then some tri work she says.
i am thinking of having her do ramp, density, carries on bench, squats, deads, and maybe cleans.
i figure 3 movements 3 times in a 10 day cycle.

or maybe even the wave ladder
what do you think?
she is away, so i cannot work with her. but she has learned cleans, push press, and started learning snatches and jerks. so, i presume she has some technical knowledge/efficiency.