Program for My Dad

Hey guys, i need some help for a program for my dad, was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for a good t-article for him. Heres some background:

Hes i his early 40’s and 5’8 and about 215, hes got a good beer gut, and this is the goal, to lose it. Anyways, hes a beginner in the fact that he hasnt worked out seriously for a long long long time, however in his highschool/college days he used to train like a madman and was a college/scholarship football player, if that means anything for him now i dont know. Needless to say hes decided to join a gym in hopes of losing the beer gut. He doesnt want to work out with me, probably due to humility or something,; but he asked me for help. So ive already told him that id recommend mostly compound movements, although he hates them, mostly due to their degree of difficulty, and prefers isolation excercises, but i think i have him convinced on the compound movements (squat, bench, military, etc.)

Also i recommended a 4x6 type scheme so he had an idea of what to expect. Anyways he seems to be ok with it all, however i figured instead of my designing him a program, id see what articles may be better suited for him. So im open to any and all suggestions, and in a few weeks ill most likely repost for a diet plan. Thanks in advance guys.

I think all of your ideas are good but you should wait a month or two before he starts that kind of routine. A more typical beginner workout is a total body routine, 2-3 times a week, one exercise per muscle group, 1-3 work sets per exercise after a warm-up set, 10-15 reps per set. You can use some machines and some free weights. I know that may seem a little wimpy to you but if somebody really hasn’t done anything in a long time you will crush him or worse hurt him with a harder workout a reasonable percentage of the time. So let him to do easier workout first, with the purpose of building his overall fitness and getting him ready for that tougher workout to follow. Also having him do some cardio 15-30 minutes after each workout is probably a good idea.

Start to get the diet in check now and his gains will come quicker hence him sticking at it longer…

I’d start him on a full body x 3 a week program of compound lifts, moderate weight and volume until about 8-12 weeks in when he’s got his form right and confidence up.

Keep it simple:

Deadlift variation
Assisted Chins
Squat Variation
Bench Press
Seated Row
DB Shoulder Press

Get him walking on off days…

Once he gets into it i reckon he’ll change his mind on not training with you…

Well we eat very good, just not really a diet type meal. Always a salad at dinner, he has a Meal replacement healthy protien shake for breakfast with berries, sandwiches for lunch, and dinner is always a meat, a salad, and either potatoes/noodles/rice, so well balanced and healthy just not a diet dinner :stuck_out_tongue: And yes 15-20mins of cardio at the end is also a part of the routine.

bump any suggestions?

That one guy was right. Start slow. I had a client on Tuesday who I only did Mobility WARM-UPS with - her legs were so sore she didn’t come back for cardio on Thursday.

With many clients, I teach the form for legs with light weight and don’t go beyond that the first session. So, I’ll teach squat, dl, lunges the first day.

I will also teach bench, row, military press and lat pull down. I’ll start with light weight and see if they can do 12. If they can, I up the weight. Usually by the time we get up to a weight where they cannot perform 12 reps, they’ve had enough of a workout for the first day.

After that, I usually let them take off a full week because the muscles are usually painfully sore after the very first session (this is true whenever someone is a beginner). The next week I do try to get them to do it three times a week, but sometimes two if they need it. I work my way up with the weights as we go. Should be fine from there.

And of course, that one guy is right about diet, start it right away. Go with Precision Nutrition by Berardi.

so no premade programs by any of our awesome authors would be a good idea right now?

Personally, I would do something simple first, then transition into a pre-made program. You will probably be able to tell when he is ready, 2-3 months maybe. Waterbury’s programs are good… like ABBH.

Your dad, however, depending on where he’s starting, may need to work on the basics first. Check out “Neanderthal No More” (5-part article by Cressey and Robertson)

Check out the Body for Life thread.
It’s a good program for beginners because it provides structure and good basics. Your Mom will have to help with his meals if he doesn’t cook.

Also,I noticed that you only listed 3 meals a day that he was eating, he has to eat twice that much. Plus, don’t foget the gallon of water. Actually, the gallon of water is probably the hardest thing to get him convinced of.

It seems that you are on the right track with him, so keep up the good work.

I would recommend he develop a habit of working out before he gets too ambitious about intensity or volume. Tell him to enjoy his work out that is the best advice you can give him.