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Program For Limited W/O Time

Coming up, for the next 6 weeks or so I will be very limited in the time I can lift…I’m looking at 30-40 minutes 3/4 times/week that I will have to use. On most days I should be able to do some cardio/walking on my lunch break but the only time I will have to lift is late in the evening after 9 (my gym closes at 10).

I need help or advice on what type of training to do. I prefer compound movements…I hate doing isolation crap and my biggest motivator is to lose fat.

What would any of you suggest for a routine? Also, I tend to get bored easily…after 3 or 4 weeks I need to change things up. I was thinking of doing something along the lines powerlifting/oly lifting moves for full body type programs.


I’d go with Dan John’s One Lift A Day.

5 days of compound movements and the workouts are never longer than 35 minutes.

If you hit it hard it hits back harder.

You may also take a look at CT’s Part Time Beast.

Sorry I dont have a link now. you can look it up in an author search under all his articles.

Hope that helps,

Joe DeFranco has a program for shorter workouts. 3x a week, about 30 minutes each.


Thanks for both responses…

TriGWU - I was thinking about something like the Dan John routine, one exercise per day, preferably a full body exercise to hit the most muscles possible…

I will look up the CT article too…


I would do THE NEXT BIG 3