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Program for Law Enforcement?

Hey guys! looking for a program for law enforcement. Ive taken a look at Soflete, atomic athlete, mountain athlete, and some of the gym jones programs. confident in my bench, squat, and deadlift but not my Olympic lifting. was wondering if you guys had suggestions on a program one way or another! thanks in advance!

Mike Westerling has a program. I thinknit was 2 lifting days and 2 conditioning days per week from memory.

I’m not seeing anything on his website. Anyone else have any input?

This often recommended by military/leo guys in the combat forum section…

-its a tough program so totally fine to add extra days of rest here and there

Google: Mike Westerling law enforcement.

It’s the first link. Look under Setting Up the Police Officers Functional Training Split

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See I’m a little worried about the snatches. I’m comfortable with single arm db but not with the bar. Could I substitute with another lift?

I’ll take a look at the other workout right now!

Yeah thats totally fine. The effectiveness of the program is more about the overall layout anyway

Also that author is one of the top coaches here and has his own forum section so can ask for further suggestions here…

hey thanks, i appreciate you taking the time to point me in the right direction! good luck in your training!

@JMaier31 weave your magic stick

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Cheers, let us know how things go

@bigjez I think everything has been covered. I looked at the Westerling article and he explains it well. I wouldn’t do the training program he makes out because it’s not enough for me.

It’s the same as programming for sports. First, you need to identify the movement patterns and energy systems.

I’ll simplify this by giving examples of training. You need to be able to go all out for 60 seconds, recover quickly, then repeat. Sprints and Metcon work here. You also need a bit of endurance just to handle the day. You can’t do repeat bouts of the first two without endurance.

Hip hinge, pressing, pulling, hip extension. Basically everything but to be more specific…
Deadlift variation so you can lift something or someone. Pressing (horizontal) so you can push yourself off the ground or punch and shove. Pulling (vertical) so you can pull your body if your legs aren’t working or in case you need to climb. And hip extension will help with running and jumping.

Really a guy/gal just needs a balanced program with some good conditioning mixed in. The trick is finding the right training split. You can’t focus on everything at once unless you’re in maintenance mode. You might have to program phases where you settle for maintenance on one thing while pushing another and switch it up throughout the year.

For example, if you have access to a track then maybe you focus on sprinting and Metcon when the weather is nice and push your lifting strength when you’re stuck indoors.