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Program for Improving Strength, Hypertrophy and (an)Aerobic Endurance

Hi guys,
First, I want to introduce myself a bit.
I am a 19 years old from Germany ( sorry for my english) who is lifting weights since two years. In the first year I haven´t had a program and lifted 2-3x per week with bad nutrition ( not tracking calories and protein, suboptimal food choices).

In my second year I started a push/pull split 4x per week which I am still doing. Here are some of my achievements/performances:

  • Squat : 5x 198 pounds (= 90 kilogram)
  • Bench Press: 5x 154 pounds
  • Deadlift: 5x 209 pounds
  • Military Press: 5x 99 pounds
  • Pull ups: 6 with a wide grip and strict form

I have built a decent amount of muscle mass but I am not strong. (Currently, I am dieting.)
I don´t want to make such little improvements any longer because I have no real plan/program.

I want to improve myself in three categories :

  • strength ( not really interested in 1RM strength, i am not a powerlifter, but still improving in 3-5RM strength, hopefully you understand what I mean)

  • hypertrophy

-aerobic and anaerobic endurance

Maybe you say that my goal is stupid but I want to be “overall- fit” (like a crossfitter without doing CrossFit and no, I will not start doing it)

My idea was to split the year in 3 cycles ( strength, hypertrophy and anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance) so that I can concentrate on each goal specifically. In the past, I have done everything at the same time and the results were not satisfying.

Now I am asking you for advice how I should do it ( improving in one category and to maintain the others, doing that for all 3 categories).

Hopefully, you can help me. Thank you very much for your advice.

At last, I want to say that I am very grateful that I found T- Nation and for reading your articles. You are definitely one of the smartest minds I have seen and read about.

try the strenght training for natural lifter that christian just post ?

If you want to split your year like that, search the four seasons of training by Christian on his site Thibarmy, this should interest you, it even has sample programs for each “season”

Purchase type 2a program on thib army

I believe he is a Type 3, unless it’s the language barrier that misleads me

Thank you for answering.

Yes, I see myself as a Type-3.

Assuming that I choose one program, how should I change when it is finished?
I mean how do I maintain my strength qualities when I‘m focusing on hypertrophy and anaerobic capacities? And make this approach sense? (splitting the year in 3 phases)

Youll definitely be in shape doing CTs high frequency bodybuilding program on thibarmy.

Yep, that is a good recommendation for a Type 3 with his goal

Is it on T-Nation too?
Then, should I switch between the high frequency training and a strength program after 3months? Like that: 3months strength-3months hypertrophy-3 months strength- 3 months hypertrophy
Can I use the high frequency training to improve anaerobic endurance?

Buy it off thibarmy.

Sorry but I don’t want to buy a program. Are there other programs that fit to my goals( and are free)?

Thank you for your answers but i still don‘t know how and when to switch the program. Just directly after 12 weeks?
And sorry when I say this but i miss the details here. Can I also do the „Best strength program for natural lifters“ and change after 12 weeks to a hypertrophy and conditioning program? And then change again to the strength program?( basically alternating between these programs throughout the year)

I will do CT‘s Best Strength Program for Natural Lifters and alternate it with his bodybuilding program(also use this to improve anaerobic capacities). Are there any programs or suggestions to improve aerobic endurance and to design a 1year plan?

Hi, again.
I decided to do " The best damn strength plan for natural lifters" but I have some questions.

First, shall I progress only in the heavy focused lifts as it is described in the plan and dont progress in the “light” assistance work or in the hypertrophy exercises too?

  • I train at home, so I have no machines only dumbbells and barbells. What are alternatives for the Leg Press and Chest supported t-bar row? Can i do pullovers or close -grip ez bar presses instead of JM Press because i dont feel comfortable with. Same for Zercher Squats. Can I switch to Front Squats?

  • Do I calculate the percentages based of my 90% 1RM as Jim Wendler in his 5/3/1 or 90% of my “true” 1RM?

Only took 6 months to decide… and you still don’t understand the program?

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I did something different. I dont want to be impolite. Can you answer my questions please?

Do I only progress in the heavy lifts or in the „hypertrophy exercises“ too? Sorry, but for me it is not clear.
And can I switch some exercises listed above?