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Program for Higher Work Capacity


Okay guys, here's the plan:

-heavy shit

-light shit

-light shit

-medium shit

I'll start out with that... And if I can handle the workload, I'll increase frequency.

I am absolutely SICK AND TIRED of reading things that make my head fucking spin. I'll just be "direct" in my training. As of right now, I wanna get a better work capacity and let my body adapt... And then slowly work my way up. I'll do that by slowly adding additional training sessions...

Okay then. Your thoughts please?


That is the best training plan I have ever scene in my life. Seriously, its simple and to the point.

I have a college football program that I used awhile back for this reason... not sure if it is what you are looking for though. But it is tons of lower body and full body training four days a week. If anything you could get ideas from it. I've never put really any weight on while doing it, but I've done it twice and both the times it is a good program to get your body used to a lot of full body volume stuff in one session. Squats, deads, cleans, step-eps, etc... PM if ya want.


Why have light, light, heavy, medium. Seems to me light, heavy, light medium would make more sense.

Some time spent under the bar working a consistent program would make even more sense tho...


And, once again, this is why you need a coach. You have no idea how to program, despite your earlier claims that 'its really simple' and you know 'exactly how' blah blah blah. Can you just please go get a coach and stop posting?


...No more Mr. Nice guy for me. If you're not gonna help, get the fuck out of my thread!

I'm sick of you oly maniacs making me get a coach.

Just shut up and answer my question...

Please, I need some serious answers.


How would it not make sense? What the fuck is wrong with you people?!?!? The main reason why I went to these crappy forums in the first place is because there are certain things in training that are just ungoogable... I do not want any more useless posts.


That is a serious post, giving you a serious answer, you just choose to ignore the most logical route and choose some convoluted and ultimately pointless route for yourself. Why not make it easy and just get a coach?


Lol. Just Lol.


Do it.

Post a training log. Listen to advice. Review how your progress is going.

Theoretical questions and answers are no replacement form getting under a bar and consistently lifting heavy stuff for a 8-12 week period to see how you respond.





Why are you shitting all over everybody? You asked for thoughts, and you got them. You want to go heavy, light, light, medium? Go for it, although personally I feel like alternating light and heavy/medium days would work better, but what do I know. And just how is any post telling you to spend some time under the bar a "useless post"? If you're not gonna get a coach, seems to me like just getting out there and lifting some fucking weights and learning your body would be the best thing for ya. Just my two cents.


Right, seems youv'e got your bowel movements all mapped out for the week, so now how about posting your workout?
Seems like a good idea though to have two days of light shitting after that big ole heavy shit on monday---gives your ass a rest.


JACK REAPE!!!! I'm a big fan of your articles!!

Please keep posting sir.

It's great how you introduced wave loading to us T-men. I loved the article... I also like your article that say something about the Prilepin Table being a "damn good guideline".


I already have a log in here... And it's a tough situation for me. There's an 80% chance that my mom and I are gonna be moving to Idaho the next few weeks, 15% chance that we'll stay here in Oregon (which is unquestionably the best thing to ever happen), and 5% chance of her losing her job... So I'm not sure if I can still be consistent with my training. If you must know, I am currently living with THE MOST INTOLERABLE HUMAN BEING IN THE PLANET. She has tried to kill my once, and I don't want that to happen again... I'm jobless, and I can only depend on her. She can pretty much get mad at me at any given moment and take away my access to the iron game...

...As of right now, the only thing I can do is to keep bugging McDonald's until they get sick of my application form and hire me so that I could somewhat support myself a little bit and be less dependent on that bitch...

ANYWAY... LMAO!!!! That's a funny post. Now shut up and help me. (please!)


What's wrong with us...? LOL. Yeah, that was a shouty lol.

There's nothing wrong with us, we've training logs, programs, dedication and time under the bar. None of which you have. It's a shame really.


Hey, I've been training consistently for 3 years...

Actually, I've only been consistent for a year... The last two years where all... ughhh, half of that was a waste. And I wasn't even that consistent....

But still, 1 year of consistent training is alot, considering my ingenuity in the subject that NONE OF WHICH YOU HAVE. IT'S A SHAME REALLY.

lol. I'm just kidding. Please forgive me.

Now shut up and start giving me some real advice... And may God help you if you don't know what to tell me with all the years under your belt... Judging from how much you can squat, you should know EVERYTHING about strength training by now...


This is for OLY lifting? You didn't specify for what.

Not enough heavy shit IMO. Two light shit days? Man up.


Because I don't like being around people who knows better than me. It makes me feel insignificant. As you can see, I am very insecure of the fact that I haven't broken any world records yet... Nor will I ever be able to do it... ever.

And as I said time and time again, a coach is not an option to me. I don't really know any weightlifting clubs in here, and I don't have money. Please read my earlier posts so that you can figure out my current situation... My mom just sucks.


I don't know whether to say I can see why someone would try that, or that I can see where you get the intolerability from.

You really need to learn to stfu. Seriously dude, people ARE giving you serious advice. You don't know shit and you haven't spent shit for time under the bar, but instead of taking their advice, you just give excuses, try to justify shit ("I did train for OMG OMG 3 whole years OMG... on second thought") and then talk about how it's a problem with everyone else. Seriously, you honest to god think that it's just that everyone else other than you has the problem.

Dude, get rid of your internet connection, pick a program that has already been written for you, and do it. Don't come back until you've learned something from it.


As of right now, I pretty much just wanna forget about improving my technique with the oly lifts. I will be using some of their variations to build explosive strength by using moderate loads (70-79% of 1RM).

When I say "heavy", I mean REALLY HEAVY as in trying to break a personal best. Medium days are done with the MTR like the one described at criticalbench article about bulgarian weightlifting. I took the concept from them... I'd gradually add sessions in my training...

Here's a little bit of history with the bulgarian training system:

When Ivan Abadjiev/Abadjhiev (or however you wanna spell it!) coached the bulgarian national (WEIGHTLIFTING) team, he created the "bulgarian training system". If you google that right now, you'll find shit. Check this one out: http://goheavy.com/forums/olympic/index.cgi/noframes/read/76058

...Just when I thought I "found it", it turns out that it's just horse shit.

Anyway, according to Ivan, in order for the body to make optimal progress, it should be in a constant "training state". By maintaining the "training state" (according to Ivan), the body will progress much faster... That's it, that's all I know, and how will that small piece of shitty knowledge supposed to help me?!


Given up on that already so? Just as well you didn't waste a coaches time.