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Program for Growth + Strength

Hey guys,

I have done Total Body Training and Waterbury Method both by CW. I’m looking to continue with a full body program purely for growth and strength, I really need to add some lbs to my bench, deads and squats because they’re pathetic right now.

I consider myself a beginner, I’ve lifted for 4 years now but on and off a lot plus I was doing really amateur stuff if I see what I’ve learned here in the past few months.

I’m 1.91m and about 200lbs. BF is ~20% but I’ll get to that when summer arrives (maybe use CT’s “The Beast Evolves” as guide). Right now I just wanna grow and get stronger.

Any advise?

Waterbury’s ABBH is a fantastic routine. The strength and size gains I achieved after finishing the program were remarkable to say the least.


[quote]pradaboy wrote:
I really need to add some lbs to my bench, deads and squats because they’re pathetic right now.
Any advise?[/quote]

Pavel’s PTP (Power to the People) routine worked wonders for my basic lifts. Added 80lbs to my dl and 50lbs to bp in about 5 months. You can throw squats in also.

Do 2X5 of each exercise 5X week. dl, bp + squats. Nothing else (actualy may be better to do 2 separate cycles–DL + BP, then SQ + BP) Don’t do any other lifting. First set 80% 1RM, second set a bit less. Start off real light. If you can do 100 10X then start with 90 for 5 reps. It will be easy for the first 5-10 workouts then will get harder. Keep adding weight each workout. Do not go to failure. Don’t throw in extra weight/exercises in the beginning. You’ll leave the gym with energy but that’s ok. By the end of the cycle may have to do singles–especialy with dls. Weights will go up quickly. Also, might only be able to handle 3 workouts per week near the end of the cycle. At that point start a new cycle—begin real light again, etc.

Best of luck

i think joe defranco’s wssb2 is awesome for strength and size. just a thought

BBH is a good routine for someone with a decent amount of lifting experience