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Program for DL & Squat That Actually Works?


long time reader first time poster. I have a various background from different kind of sports, fotball (soccer), kickboxing, been doing weightlifting a long time (so I’m not a beginner but my “numbers” are beginner) and running.

Running has given me alot of injures which I am struggling with today, some knee problems which I need to check out perhaps, plantar fascitt but that is gone now.

I am getting older and older and I need to focus on preventing injuries but I also want to be strong as fuck and look the part. I’d rather be strong then look like a bodybuilder but I want a lean physique. Right now I am 32 years old.

I am looking for a program which will give me a good jump in my numbers in deadlift, squat, benchpress and military press, but the main priority is deadlift and squat.

I want a program which is easy to follow and proven to work, and I want either to have some accessory work for “muscle building” or a program which I can add some extra excersises myself.
First priority is to build strength and muscle in my legs, then my back and shoulder.

Is there anyone that could provide me some information where I can find such a program? I am looking all over the place and there is a lot but amongst everything there is difficult to find something that I should go for.

Alternatively and idea could be just the deadlift/squat program which I can add to another training program. I have a few training programs ready that works just fine.

I have had alot of “bad experiences” with programs that is supposed to work but doesn’t. I am pretty serious in my training and have achieved good results in both kickboxing and running but not so much with my strengt training. My max right now is (qualified guessing) is

Deadlift: 140kg
Squat: 100kg
Benchpress: 100kg

Thank you for any input and advice.

Tell us about the programs you had bad experiences with, and why they didn’t work out, or why they weren’t a great fit for you.

That might help figure out something good.

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some has to do probably with the effort or diet - even though I feel that I have given it my all, and maybe the length? The programs have been for 8-12 weeks, perhaps I would benefit with a program that lasts much longer? For 16 weeks, 24 weeks, a year?

The programs have been divided into 4 weeks blocks. It has been anything from westside barbell training, 5x5, Time under Tension, supersett, multi hold pump set, drop set, mechanical drop sets.
The programs hasn’t contained all of this in one program of course, but the programs I have tried have had these “philosophies” or training methods in them.

I am not sure if I can post all of the programs here of course since it it copyright on them and I paid for them, and I know the author of these programs are also and author on T-nation and member here.

The only programs you wrote are westside which i take you mean conjugate? And 5x5. Everything else are just set intensifying techniques.
If it doesnt have a progression pattern and super clear plan for every week, that you can calculate months ahead its NOT a program, but a workout or some method of how to train.

If you did actual conjugate and it didn’t work, its not the program, it’s you. But since you didnt know that “drop sets” are not a program, i would guess you didnt do conjugate because calculating that shit is a nightmare. Maxes for all 20-30 lifts, with band tension and chain stuff…i dont think anyone who thinks “super sets” are a program can actually do conjugate.

All programs work if you do your part. Training is easy. It’s the food and recovery part that defines you progress.

I plan to try this one starting in January. I can’t comment on its effectiveness, which is what you asked for, but several people on this site had good experiences with it.

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I totally agree with you and I know very well, as I also write, if you read all of it, that this is not the training programs but these are methods used in the training programs but I am ofcourse not allowed to show these training programs since they, as I also said, copyrighted.

Perhaps you have any suggestions to a training program that have all of these features you wrote down? So you could also give som advice according to the question I asked and stay on topic.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

531, Cube, Conjugate, Juggernaut 2.0, LillieBridge Method, Sheiko, Canditos programs…

Are you continuing to run and kickbox while attempting to improve your lifting numbers?

Thank you! :slight_smile: You have any experience with some of these? What has been working best out for you?

No not currently. I do rowing and skierg machine for cardio but not at the amount I did before where it was anything from 10-18 hours of this a week. Perhaps that is also a factor of course of why I haven’t achieved any good results.

It absolutely is. Serious athletes engage in periodization. You can’t get good at everything all of the time. If you’re dedicating yourself to growing your numbers, put the sports on the backburner.

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So you suggest absolutely no cardio at all? And better periodization of course.

Currently my aim is:
200kg deadlift
150kg squat
120kg benchpress (benchpress is not so important).

I do not suggest that in the slightest. That would be a silly thing to do.

Was the kickboxing and running ONLY cardio training? I assumed you meant them as a sport.

I am doing 531 and i love it but its a bit complicated of you start to freestyle assistance work too much. It lets you do lots of stuff on your own so i did fuck up a lot also. After 18 months on it i realized tha that the very basoc written option is the best for me.
I also like LillieBridge method. Its a bit more simple but it works if you eat and gain weight accordingly.

Most programs work on the same principles…there is no magic - at this time in human history we pretty much know stuff that works. There are ways only few ways to periodize so when you dig deeper in any program you will notice that at its basics its pretty much the same.

OG 531 has amrap set and wave progression - 3 week blocks with small resets so every 3rdn week is a bit heavier than the 3rd week before. LillieBridge has amrap set but its linear - you push 10-12 weeks and then you reset and most times start with previous week 2 and push from that.

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Kickboxing and running was as a sport yes. I was just wondering what your philosophy was between the balance of strength training and cardio (when I say cardio I don’t mean for fat loss, I don’t do cardio for fat loss or to lose weight; I do it to improve my performance).

I think cardio is essential and should always be done.

Thank you very much for the input, you gave me a lot of input and stuff to read. In 2015 I bought the pdf-book “Juggernaut Method 2.0” but I didn’t finish it and didn’t dig so deep. I also have hybrid method by Alex Viada, both very good books.

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You are allowed to name them. For instance, if I bought and did the Warlock program from John Meadows I’m allowed to say I’ve done the Warlock program without violating the copyright.

Did you purchase pre-written programs or were they made custom for you? Similarly, you’re allowed to name the author. Even if they were custom, there might be clues as to why they didn’t work for you based off of that alone.

Indeed the problem might have been the 10-18 hours of other activities.