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Program for Cops

Here’s what works for me:

Twice a week weights consisting of compound movements like deads, squats, pullups, dips and olympic lifts. I also do some auxiliary exercises for rotator health and to strengthen my upper back (face rows, bent rows, rotations, etc.). I usually use a routine for 3 or 4 weeks, rest, then change sets and reps.

I try to do core work, pushups and pullups every day if I can.

Three times a week cardio.

One day a week is a long(er) run, up to 40 minutes. Mostly I do this because I like to run 5k’s and it keeps my aerobic capacity up. It doesn’t do much for fighting.

Twice a week is sprints, jump rope, tabata, circuit training or something similar. Farmer’s walks are excellent, especially if you use a thick bar.

I’m 6’5", 240 and like to get people on the ground (or against a car) where my weight, strength and leverage are advantages, so I emphasize pulling power and grip strength.

Some of the smaller guys like to stay away and use strikes and batons because they would get killed on the ground. Pushing power (bench, squat) and speed training work for them.

For nutrition, I put 4 scoops of protein powder in a quart container and drink 1/4 of it every 2-3 hours, along with some fish oil, some nuts or a couple of pieces of fruit. I can eat it between calls, and alcohol gel keeps my hands clean.

Depending on schedule…two times I week minimum I hit a combo of something from olympic and powerlifting. Cleans (or variations), squats superset with low rep box jump, trap bar deadlift, RDL, reverse hypers, and for upper body bench with chins and rows…if you are cleaning, high pulling, snatching, shrugging, deadlifting, and chinning without straps, your grip gets plenty strong (trust me).

You will get plenty explosive from these lifts, and you will build up plenty of core strength (no belts please!). Conditioning is the hardest thing for me to work on because I just plain dont like it…and my shoulder is too banged up to do MMA anymore (as well cost and time constraints), but anyone who has done some MMA, boxing, kickboxing, or grappling well knows its great conditioning and gives you some go to moves on the street.

For conditioning dynamic warm up drills, speed ladder, short sprints, sled drags, tire flips, or something I did to prepare for SWAT school Id set up a circuit of 5 reps clean and jerk, to box jump 5 reps, to trap bar deadlift 8-10 reps, then go sprint on the treadmill for 1 minute…rest, repeat…worked wonders and I handled the half mile run in BDUs, boots, tac vest, shotgun, with no problem…and the O-course at Quantico, NATO course, Yellow Brick Road, no issues compared to guys who had been doing bodybuilding+slow steady state cardio stuff…and I HATE running/cardio/conditioning stuff…

I better get my butt back to conditioning because after SWAT school I quit doing it all and just went back to cleaning, squating, deadlifts, reverse hypers hahah to celebrate…so Im planning on getting back into sprint and agility drills in interval fashion, or I throw on my Xvest with 20-40 pounds and go for a walk/run/stairs workout.

These workouts might be easier for me to do because I have all the toys at the varsity weightroom I strength coach at on days off. But Im in the middle of working with my old strength coach boss and best friend, Steve Plisk (for those of you into the NSCA or USAA lifting material or S&C journals would know him), on making sports specific workouts for LEOs…he works private sector now and wants to help cops from making the typical pay some meathead personal trainer at Golds and get some fitness routine for the street when really one should be training as AN ATHLETE!!!

Anyone interested in a possible S&C seminar for LEO let me know, if it happens it will be in CT right outside of NYC because that is where Plisk is now. He is entertaining the idea of bringing Tony Blauer in as well to do some DT stuff (I did some DT courses back in the day with Tony and think his system works well with the types of shooting stances my agency as well Storm Mountain does where I lived for a summer).

Better yet, anyone in the DC Metro area who is on here and wants to do some training let me know!! Id love to have some cop/firefighter/military partners to fire it up with!!!

This works for me

Westside for skinny bastards and BJJ/grappling. WSFSB has a lot of variation to always keep it interesting and the grappling has good carry over to work.

hey fellow Cops,

My training recently has changed since i started being operational.

Due to the stress of life, work and relationships I believe its important to eat well and choose the exercises that will benefit the application of policing.

I’m pretty serious at the moment to try out for STAR group in South Australia when i have finish my 18 months probation.

My training centres around alot of 4 days per week.

Day 1

farmer Walks
Barbell rows
Rear delt raises

Day 2 Arms

Restarting poliquins arm programme

put on 1 cm to my arms through the last 6 month programme.

Day 3 legs

Leg Extensions
Leg Press
barbell Squats

Leg curls

Day 4 Chest shoulders, rotator cuff

Incline Db press
Hammer strength chest press

Rope upright rows

hammer strength seated press
Nautulis side raises - superset

various rotator cuff exercises

I follow the p+c, then p+f meals six meals a day

my protein shakes are 3 of my meals (p+f) normally micellar casein 2 scoops and 1 scoop of whey isolate, plus 15 gms of flax oil and 5 gms creatine.

the other three meals are p+c chicken steak, yogurt, fruit salads etc.

Heaps of water and alot of positive mental strength gets me by. hope this helps stay safe guys


The best one is the donut curl. I see cops doing those all the time. Seems to work well. Add those 2 your routine.

we locked up a few irish immigrants the other day for a big scam…while trying to weasel their way out of going to the pokey they commented about 3 of us on the call, that we were “well built gentlemen” and how do we get that way…the two guys I was with are big dudes with good muscle…the biggest one of us said to them “In America, its all about donuts and beer to pack on size as cops”…i was laughing hysterically…