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Program for Coming Out of a Cal Deficit

Hi all,

I am 210pounds, 6 foot 1 and around 10-12% bf.

Ive recently finished the V-Diet and transition, and now I am on around 2300 cals/day and eating below 100g of carbs/day.

My mantainence is around 3200 cals/day and I am looking to work towards that by adding 100 cals/ week for the next 2 months.

I am currently doing 2 full body strength 5x5 style workouts a week doing all the big lifts.
Then I am doing two circuit sessions per week, 1 with kettle bells and 1 with sandbags.

basically I am looking to lose another few pounds of fat while I bring my big lifts back up to respectable levels.

Is there any programme that has been particularly proven successful in transitioning from calorie deficit to strength improvements?

Or can I just continue as I am trying to progress each workout as my body gets more food?

My own plan for immediately post contest (after a well deserved binge -lol), will be to slowly add good carb sources back in over a couple of weeks. I figure since I was dropping a couple hundred cals every week, I’ll just reverse things, although I may keep a cyclical approach after the 1st couple of weeks in order to minimize any potential fat gain.