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Program for Beginner?


i want to start a program, i was thinking something like this:
week 1 + week 2
Bench Press 5x5
Squat 5x5
DeadLift 5x5
Shoulder Press 5x5
Pull Up 5x5

week 3 + week 4 (5 sets of 3 reps)
Bench Press 5x3
Squat 5x3
DeadLift 5x3
Shoulder Press 5x3
Pull Up 5x3

week 5 + week 6 (5 sets of 1 or 2 reps)
Bench Press 5x1 or 2
Squat 5x1 or 2
DeadLift 5x1 or 2
Shoulder Press 5x1 or 2
Pull Up 5x1 or 2

i want to get stronger and im just starting, i have had a look at ss and sl5x5, but people say i should integrate 1 rep sets into my program. i will be alternating DE and ME days every week.
i think this would work well for me, i would repeat the whole cycle after week 6, i am 5'8 and weigh 150lbs. im 16 years old and have been working out for about 3 months.
PU:230lbs (total weight incl. bodyweight)
any feedback is good feedback so if you could comment on this post it would be much appreciated because i know there is alot of knowledge out there. thanks in advance.


How do you plan to progress?

When you say you're alternating DE and ME each week you intend on doing 3 days of ME then 3 days of DE? That doesn't seem to be an efficient idea.

Why not just do 5/3/1 or something already programmed out that has been proven to work?


Those are some pretty high numbers for a 150lb 16 year old who's just starting training...
Especially the pullup with 80lbs strapped on

As far as feedback, I wouldn't even worry about DE. Listen to Mercury and just pick a program like 5/3/1


I'm going to skip the obvious answer of "try 5/3/1 or starting strength" and just give you advice on what you have planned.

  • Forget about DE work. Too early to even think about.

  • Don't program shoulder press and chins, just use them as assisstance and get in some volume (25+ total reps).

  • Extend the first two weeks to three, put 4 and 5 in the next phase and only week 6 on the last phase. I think the benefit of 5x5 for you outweighs the benefit of 5x1 at this stage in your training life.


thanks, this answer so far has helped me the most, i understand that my neurological connection in my muscles need to be built up so i can get stronger. so you are saying that i dont need DE work yet? i lack power in bench press as it took me about 3 seconds to get 99.5kgs up, or 219lbs. i would have an exercise of DE then ME then DE then ME then DE, i would switch the starting lift's effort each week if that makes sense. thanks for your opinion it has helped alot!


i had trouble understanding the 5/3/1 program,
i dont understand the dqay where it says 5/3/1, i understand the rest and it would be a great help for me if you would explain it briefly. thanks


you should also video all your lifts so we can help critique your lifts.



Buy the book. It is well worth the investment. There's much more info in there than at this link, but at least you'll get the jist of it.


I see what you're doing there


Just do some extra warm-up sets and focus on speed. With 5x5 you should only be using ~75%, that should be speed work. If you're slow off your chest use paused reps.


if you do not believe me i will video all my lifts, but i will be doing my lifts on a 3 rep maximum, as i only test my 1RM once a month. if i lie to everyone on the internet, i will be lying to myself.


Ok cool! Those are very good lifts for a dude your age, size, and training history...


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I5Zbc499HI deadlift :slight_smile:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msce3prLTLQ 105kg chinup


Search the forum and learn how to deadlift.


i would like you to tell me somethings that i am doing wrong, because i cannot see what i am doing wrong, if i knew i would try to improve. you can't improve on something if you think you are doing it right.
next time post a helpful comment.


are you serious? i taught myself every exercise i use with the resources avaliable on the internet, stop expecting to be spoon fed.
For a start, at least buy 2 full-size 20kg plates, and use 1 each side to bring the bar up to proper height
And those pullups - great stuff, but although its a max-effort i would advise you to stop yanking yourself up with your right side - it'll cause an easily avoidable injury


i dont have the funds for that, even second hand plates are hard to come by where im at.
and good for you, but i dont want to go off and do something completely stupid with only internet resources. thats why i uploaded this video. it was a maximal effort pullup, and i didnt notice that i was pulling uneven. recording was a good idea, i'll work on my forms. thanks


haha. listen dude, you're not going to get ALL the information on this forum handed to you. Do some critical thinking. Watch the "how to" videos. Compare your technique to that of others with really strond DLs. THEN come back to the forum with a video and question of how to "tweak" your already decent form for a better pull. Now go learn.


Check Eric Cressey's videos on how to Deadlift. Go to his website, look a bit, it's free.