Program for a Beginner 1B?

Hello Mr. Thibaudeau,

I have just completed the neurotype test and I found out I am a 1b.
I have been following you for a year and you are a very intelligent man, I have just opened this account because I have my first question.
I don’t want to just jump on any program since I am still a beginner, I have been lifting for 2 years.
But I am still weak in most of my lifts.

What program do you recommend for a 2 year, beginner, 1b?

I’m obviously not Christian but I feel like WS4SB is a good template for 1Bs. Especially the Speed & Strength version at the bottom of WS4SBIII where you sprint 2x a week and lift 3x a week. I just made a few changes to make the program more 1B friendly when I did it. Here are the changes I made:

  • I always started the workout with an explosive movement e.g. clap pushups, jumps, med ball throws, KB swings, etc (rather than going straight to the max effort exercise before I was on)
  • I would ramp to a 3RM or 2RM on max effort days (instead of a 5RM to 3RM)
  • I did all assistance exercises as pairings where I was going back and forth between two exercises (instead of straight sets like in the original)
  • I kept the reps for assistance exercises mostly in the 6-8 range (instead of the higher reps)