Program For 2 Weeks Off From Work

I’ve got a two-week vacation coming up with not much to do except lift, eat and buy more food. What would be a good program to take advantage of this and maximize mass gains?

My exercise choices are somewhat limited by equipment: a bar, plates, adjustable dumbbells, a belt, chalk and a stairwell where I can do pullups by hanging off the side of a stair.

I’m on CW’s 25 rep program right now.

How long have you been doing the 25 rep method? If it’s been a good three or four weeks, I’d take your two-week break as a buffer period, maybe work on some basic bodyweight or G.P.P. stuff, then go for another round of the 25 Method if you liked it.

Two weeks isn’t a lot of time to do much in terms of strength or muscle gain. So you might actually be best served using the time as an active recovery. Pick up a copy of Magnificent Mobility and use the two weeks to learn some of the moves.

Remember though, that it’s a two week vacation. Enjoy it. Don’t stress too much. If you’ve been decently strict and consistent with your training and diet up to this point, you can’t screw it up too much unless you really try to.

Good idea but I just took a week off from lifting two weeks ago because of a business trip. And I’m only 3 kilos away from my goal for the current bulk so it’s hard to talk myself into taking any more breaks.

I will do plenty of GPP anyway, namely dig up half my yard and trim all the fruit trees.

[quote]DSmolken wrote:
Good idea but I just took a week off from lifting two weeks ago because of a business trip.[/quote]

That does change things a bit.

In that case, I’d probably stick to the program as closely as possible, using whatever exercise variations you can to still fit the format (probably a lot of 1-arm exercises since that’s an “easy” way to make a lower weight more challenging.)

Make sure you keep your eating consistant, possibly increase a bit if you’re going to be doing a whole bunch of yardwork and whatnot.

Again, I’m not sure how long you’ve been on the program so far and what your gains are like, but if you’ve got 3 kilos to go, you should be able to gain at least 1kg. by the end of the two weeks.