Program Evaluation

I am starting a cutting diet in the near future and after some research I came up with this program. Total body workout 3 times a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. Using 2 workouts that I alternate each time I go. Everything is on a 5x4-6 except the standing curls, dumbbell shrugs, partial overhead press, and lateral raises which are 3x6-8.

Workout 1
A1. Chin up
A2. Military press
B1. Deadlift
B2. Dip
C1. Standing Curls
C2. Dumbbell Shrugs

Workout 2
A. Bench
B. Squat
C1. Romanian Deadlift
C2. Bent over barbell row
D1. Partial overhead press
D2. Lateral raises

Is this ok? I was wondering if I included too many exercises that it would interfere with recovery on a cutting diet?

Maybe break this into a 3 day week? Priority should be for you to get the most out of yourself on the “big three”. Give squats, deads and Bench their own day with the other lifts you mentioned dispersed throughout. I squat and bench on day 1, have my “accessory lifts” (standing press, arms, abs on day 2, and deads, rows and incline on day three.

It looks fine, but personally I run out of gas after deadlifts and have trouble going balls out on anything following.