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Program During School


okay, i just friggin' made a post about this an hour or two ago, and it never came up for some reason. anyways, here's the deal. was gona do Chad Waterbury's program high volume training thing, but realized once school starts, with work 4 nights a week as a waiter, school and studying, along with lifting, i really won't have time to do 2 lifting sessions a day, 4 times a week.

Can anyone point me to a good solid bodybuilding specific program that has you working out for about 4-5 times a week? I'm currently using CT's HSS-100 and like it a lot, but would like to try something else too. Thanks. Hopefully this will get posted this time around...


OVT, ABBH, EDT, WS4SB, ABBH2, Quatro Dynomo, man the list goes ON and ON

Best of luck
any of the above should fit the bill of 4-5 days



Bill Starr's 5x5, except it's three days a week. Though you can modify it to four, perhaps.


If you have 5 lifting days per week, name me a workout that you can't do?


Chad Waterbury's high frequency program, 4 days a week, 2 times a day.

boy, you're just out to get me aren't ya sasquatch


yeah,my school starts at 7:15 and my gym opens at 6....I can't do two-a-days either.

I was able to do AGVT during school and made very good gains.That and 10x3 served me well.


Waterbury has an artice out - build your own HFT (high frequency training). Look it up. When you learn to build your own program, you'll be in.


Not out to get you at all,

but for chri**'s sake, what do you want. Have you done any reading here or anywhere else for that matter. 99% of all workouts can be achieved with a 5 day split.

You can work bodyparts, planes, upper, lower, days off, days in a row.........

Some of this stuff is up to you.