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Program Duration


Quick Question, how long should you stay on a program?

I know you should varry things up every couple of months, but what if you are still making good progress? Switch it up anyway, or just stick with what works till it dosen't?

(I've been doing a very slightly modified ABBH 1 since mid march and I'm having great results.)


Lack of progress is the only reason to change anything. If one could achieve his goal just by thinking about it and didn't have to change diet/exercise, why should he change anything?

Don't look at these ideas as dogma, the ultimate decision-maker is you and should only be based upon the achievement/lack of achievement of your goals. If you could talk to no one else, what would you do?


Good call. If you are getting the results you want, why would you change anything?


Sounds like a good plan to me. Thanks for the input!