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Program Discussion


Hey CT (and others!),

Wanted to bounce this template I put together off you - I think it’s a winner for my goals (strength and power primarily). I would consider myself a “problem solver” so nothing is prescribed ahead of time and supplemental/assistance lifts are subject to change. I want to hit each lift twice a week, so:

Day 1:
Squat – Strength rep scheme
Squat Supplemental
Squat Assistance
Press EMOM – 2-4 reps
Abs/System(Carries, sled/prowler, sprints, complexes)
Day 2:
Bench – Strength scheme
Bench Supplemental
Bench Assistance
Floor Pull EMOM – 1-3/2-4 Reps (1-3 if explosive, 2-4 if row/pull)
Day 3:
Deadlift – Strength scheme
Deadlift Supplemental
Deadlift Assistance
Bench EMOM – 2-4 reps
Day 4:
Press – Strength reps
Press Supplemental
Press Assistance
Squat EMOM – 2-4 Reps

All workouts would start with a few jumps/throws and a set of pull-ups to get ready. I’m not particularly fond of high rep lifting so supplemental/assistance stuff would be a couple warm-up sets followed by HDL or the methods described in Best Damn. I figure I’ll run 3 weeks on followed by a “deload” week (volume).

Thoughts? I don’t want to make this initial post too long but I can expand on conditioning and daily activities as the discussion unfolds!