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Program Direction


After the end of August, I took a look at my training approach as a whole and set forth some goals and was just wanting a bit of input. I am basically just a little bit farther ahead training wise than I was before I got mono just after April. Think that happened around my Mexico trip, I regress here though.

I have some what been winging my training for the past couple of years, jumping in and out of programs, trying to train instinctively and listen to my body etc. Current stats are
Weight: 219
Height 6 1
Lifts: Bench: 275 for 3 (spotted little assistance last rep) dead: 505x1 just straps squat 385 x 1 raw
bf guesstimate: 12%, could be higher, can see upper abs, definately not fat

Goals, I have set out for September 2011 to September 2012 are as follows:
Lean down to 6-8% first, next 8-12 weeks. Then gain for the next 20 weeks, following a cut to hopefully 205-210 at the same 6-8% bf level.
Goals for lifts are pretty high, but I would rather shoot high goals and come close then set dinky goals.
Bench: 365x1
Dead: 595x1
Squat: 455x1

Diet Wise, I am carb sensitive, so I just try and time the carbs relative to morning and workouts, Otherwise low carb high protein.

supplement wise:

Just got done cooking up some food for a couple days here, 20 chicken legs, 6 steaks, couple pounds of potatoe and white rice, eat most of my veggies raw, try and keep it simple, eat everything with franks red hot and bulls eye bbq. Ill see if I can attach a pic, It is about 6-8 weeks old. I just got an iPhone and have not exactly got the hang of it yet.

Lagging bodyparts: calves and I dont feel my arms are up to par or traps.

Ideally, I am just looking for some direction on what kind of programs you guys have had sucess with, I am not the biggest on keeping a workout log but maybe this will be the year. My thought process is I know the weight I use on the big three and as long as it is going up, do the accesory lifts as I feel necessary.



Hard to get much simpler than this program.

It's not so much about the program you use. It is the effort you put into it.


i love 5/3/1 and all, but people need to stop throwing that program as solution to EVERYTHING.
Specially when the guy says he is lagging arms and calves.


@kaiser - I'm not going to give someone some complex progression scheme without knowing a great deal about the person. I'm also not going to spoon feed some arbitrary program to him either. 5/3/1 is fine, and if your goal is to bring up lagging arms/calves then there is nothing to say that you can't load the program up with more arm/calf work than specifically selecting exercises that help your main lifts.

He has given the above bolded. That tells me he can comfortably choose what he feels are necessary 'assistance' exercises, amongst an already proven effective progression system.


Thanks, I will maybe take a look at the 5/3/1, any good sites with the basic information, please no direction to anything with anything to a pay for e-book or the like. Something simple with progression on the big moves, and then somewhat leaving the accesory stuff up to me is basically what I have been doing. But this would probably be a better way for me to gauge my progress.

Let me know if I should be eating more/less, adding removing cardio. We have a senior mens football season that runs the next 5 weeks, so I am probably going to keep my weight around the same til it is over, I play linebacker or some crazy stints at D tackle. I am undersized but really quick.

I appreciate the feedback, keeping it simple always seems to workout better than worrying about which way to turn my wrist when doing kickbacks with the pink dumbells haha.


Use the search function then. This site is not lacking for programs. Just pick one and go nuts.


buy the book or look for thread how to build pure strength


The ebook is $20.


Goddamn cheapskate, freeloadin sons a bitches...LOL


alright, here was a pic mid march, did the superhero program for about 4-5 weeks, forget the actual. got up to around 225-230, benched 335 for one, deadlift new max is 545 for one and squated 405 for a couple. Cut down for mexico after getting those numbers, I am around 200-205 in this pic. Work capacity is sky high right now and feel great being at a lighter weight. Strength has gone down a bit but with playing rugby, the extra speed I have is an advantage.

Training has shifted to full body workouts 1-2 times daily, one on days where I have a practice or playing pickup basketball. Short term goal over summer is to cut to around 185-190 and then re-hash goals after summer. Have been doing the lean gains style of IF, stopping eating around 8-9 and not having my first meal til after lunch. Results have been pretty good