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Program Dilemma


I'm wanting to do a Brooks Kubik program which is as follows
Day 1

Day 2
Press- Barbell curls

Day 3

Close grip Bench- Deadlifts

This routine appeals to me as I have limited free time and at 49 years old and working full time prefer abbreviated workouts.

Another massive plus is that with this routine I would be able to train at home and only need to go to the gym 1 day per week in order to squat.

The dilemma that I have concerns the chins, I would prefer to do my weighted chins at home as its more practical as doing weighted chins at the gym would mean I would have to take two belts with me ie weight lifting belt for squats plus a dipping belt for chins.

I don't want to butcher the program as I've often read that you should do all programs as is so I basically have two options if I don't want to carry two belts around with me at the gym along with my water and fractional plates.

Option 1
Do my weighted chins in the house before I go to the gym which is 15 minutes away from where I live.

Option 2

Do my weighted chins on day 3 instead of day 1.

I think option 1 is probably the best but would like to hear other peoples opinion.

Please note I'm not looking for any input about the routine itself ie if it's rubbish or why I have chosen it etc just the input regards the question about the chins.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Mate I would go with option 1.

Whats the set/rep scheme by the way?


[quote]Ausberserker wrote:
Mate I would go with option 1.

Whats the set/rep scheme by the way?


Yeah that’s what I’ve decided on, as for sets and reps its just a basic 5x5 program starting light and taking a few weeks to build up to working weights.


Hold a dumbbell between your knees or feet instead of using the dip belt.

-would people at the gym really mess with your stuff if you left it in the corner till you need it?


Oh for the love of GOD seriously…just take two Belts. Like its going to be that big of a burden its not like your dragging something like a specialized bar into the place.