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Program Design


hi, im an aspiring s&c coach, and i figured i would write a program, a la Joe Defranco. heres what i have for now. read it, call me a fag if you like. just wondering if the format is where it needs to be and if the program is any good.

please keep in mind im a d-1 football player, writing a program for myself, and possibly like 4 other people. im not sure what i am going to do with it, or even what i can, as a plagiarized a good bit of it from the aforementioned coach. well, here it is.


oh hell nevermind, it looks like shit on the webpage,a nd i cant put the file on. sorry!




Hey dude thats fine.



that is by far one of the funniest things ive seen on this site...


Mick come on now. I didn't know it was like that...