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Program Design


Hey everyone, I hate posting posts like this, but I'm gonna have to cause I'm stuck. And I don't like one bit of it. Can someone PLEASE help me with a program that I can use that emphasizes:
Everyone might say Westside, but I sorta need something like..perhaps of an example template. I've read Dave Tate's 8 Keys and all also when it came out. Maybe something even OTHER than westside. Perhaps a Full-body program would be nice to if someone could help me out with. I'm also 170lbs, and 5'7 3/8ths. Thanks a lot!




A program for

Or pretty much everything correct. You say not westside maybe full body. How about TBT then, by CW or EDT by Staley, or well about any good program by any of the awesome authors. I say pick one of them that looks like it interest you follow it to completion then do another.

They will fit your bill