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Program Design w/Equipment Limitations

hey guys-

i left my gym at school, as i’m home for the summer, and i’m left to a gym with less equipment, specifically a gym where there is no squat rack and no place to deadlift. i will list the equipment i have and hopefully i’ll be able to gather some advice. first, though, here was my program before this (most recent numbers, lifts etc):

Monday: chest/bis

BP 220x4,4,3.5,3
Incline DB Press 75sx 8,8,8,8
Decline machine hs 70sx 8,7,4+burnout
2x max push ups (feet raised)
Curls 45x 12,10,8
Preacher BB 25sx 12,12
Hammer 30x 10,10
2x Burnout set of rope curls w 60

Tuesday: Lower back/legs
DL 325x8,8,8,8
v-squat machine 405x11,11,11,11
bw lunges 2x20

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Back/Tris

Pullups w/ 40lbs x 9,8,7,7
Bent over rows 4x10 (155)
Cable rows 185x10,10,5 + burnout
CG BP 12 (145),12 (155),8,7, bo w 95
Vert. Dips 17,13,10 bo
Tricep overhead pushdowns 3 x 12 w 80

Friday: Shoulders/Calves
bb military press w/ 115x 8,8,8,8
db seated shoulder press w 50x 8,8,8,8
lateral/rear shoulder flys w 20s x 10,10,10,10
4x20 calf raises

Now here’s what I can’t do in my gym: cable rows, deadlifts, v-squats (i do have a smith machine so those squats are in), incline db press (bc the weight maxes at 50), or dips. i have a leg press machine, db weights up to 50 lbs, bench press (with enough room to remove the bar and do rows), pull up bar, and treadmill and thats about it. pls let me know what u guys think.

thanks a lot in advance.


In a smilar gym I used the Ez curl bar to deadlift. Probably not remommended . It did hold up to about 400lb. The OL plate variety. Try to negotiate bringing a bar in, even a short bar if space is a premium . A lot of assitance work would be good. Maybe try conditioning with weights for a change.

can’t u go when it is quiet and use the bench bar to deadlift and possibly front squat or cleans and push jerk.

i did a stiff leg deadlift today, without dropping the weights, meaning that i used much less weight and did it for many reps after my smith machine squats. my main concern is the noise that is made by the dropping of the weights during the regular dl, and also that i can’t really front squat because i need a rack to do it with enough weight to matter.