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Program Design: Main Lift Technique? Assistance Progression?

I’m confused with all of the different information and training techniques / systems out there.
Can some of you or CT if you have time, give me advice on designing a program?

My current schedule is:

Monday-Bench (chest/Biceps)
Tuesday- Squat (legs/carries)
Wednesday- Off
Thursday-Overhead press (shoulders/triceps)
Friday-Deadlift (back/traps)
Saturday-Off or sprints
Sunday- Off

My main concern is how to treat the main lift?
I’ve narrowed it down to either:
-1 set of 4-6 cluster reps (20 sec break between reps)
-1 set of 4-6 reps double rest pause
Thibaudeau’s 12 week progression in Best Damn Strength wave progression

My second concern is the big assistance lift…
debating between double progression or just keeping the intensity high and doing 1 all out set with maybe a rest pause.

Thanks for any help.

why dont you do the Best damn strenght 4 times a week and roll the 6 days ?

Because then I won’t be hitting those four main lifts once a week. It will be longer than that and I want to focus on those four main lifts I listed. Plus I figured with that program you should probably follow the whole thing as is because of frequency being King for that

look for the layer system program by CT then. You will work only the big lift and become stronger

Appreciate the reply. But I’ve done the layer systems before wore me down after a couple weeks