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Program design- GBC

Hi guys I need help with some program design. I am finishing up on 4
weeks of 1-6 training and I think the CNS needs a break. The other factor
here is that I’m in the middle of trying to get pretty ripped for the
summer(and to prepare for oncoming bulking). So I was looking through
different types of programs, The Bear,Thinking man’s program,
convergent Phase,even Westside(i hit a powerliftng meet about once a
year) and they all seem pretty heavy on the CNS.I really would love to
continue to get stronger hile cutting, but sometimes you can’t have your
cake and eat it too. I think I should try to get fat loss out of the way now.
So I’ve decided to hit German Body Comp for four weeks. The problem is
that Poloquin’s program doesn’t look like it alows for geat recovery,or
balances out muscle groups real well. Does anyone have a good GBC
split they can offer? or any experiences wth the program? I want to lift
three or four days a week to keep activity level high for fat loss. Thanks
alot guys, Mike

I’ve used GBC lots in the past to get lean, but because of changes in training goals, I will likely never use it again. The program has some problems…namely, balance issues and, if used for more than a few weeks, losses in max strength and power. I think Staley’s Convergent Phase Training is a better option. It’s better balanced program, and you can tailor the specific exercises to your weaknesses. The lower rep ranges will help build/maintain strength while dieting. In addition, by taking short rests during the circuit part of the workouts, you can simulate the pace of a GBC workout. I am currently using it, and am approaching PR’s in my 3 core lifts while getting ripped. And since it’s only a 3 day program, I also have time for martial arts and/or sprint training during the week. Having said that, I think diet is main key in getting leaner, especially while building strength. I’m having success with a version of JB’s Don’t Diet program (and Surge).

Thanks for the input Cream. Now if I’m not mistaken for the circuits Staley says 4-5 sets os 4 reps. Well if I’m looking for Fat loss should i take that to like 2-3 sets of 8 reps? Then i could do them circuit style. Just wondering here. Any info from others ould also be greatly apreciated.TIA

Sounds like you are trying to do to many things at once and will not be happy with the results. I would decide on which you want ripped or big I guess that in mind the closest I have gotten to both was t-dawg diet and GBC training. If you buy Poliquins book it has many more variations of the workouts.

Hi knuckledragger, I may be overanalyzing a bit but i don’t think I have compromising goals at the moment (In the long run I would love to get bigger but thats what the fall and winter are for)Right now I would like totry and increase strength(I know its not going to be a huge increase) while ripping up. Not mch hypertrophy involved…just body fat loss. Thanks If any others can help also I’d appreciate it

Yeah Mike, the higher reps would probably work fine. The important thing is that you’d still get some strength work (core exercise) done at the beginning of each workout. Staley recommends 4-5 sets of 4-6 reps in the circuit (circuit volume goes up as core exercise volume goes down each week). In my experience just 4 circuits (24 sets), even with lower reps, is quite taxing (though not to the point of throwing up as in GBC!).

Understand that this is probably not the best program if you just want to get lean ASAP (see GBC & CKD). And you should be wary about “trying to do too many things at once.” However, I think using CPT with JMB’s Don’t Diet is a nice compromise for those athletes that would like to maintain/build strength while losing fat.