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Program Design For Strength/Hypertrohy

Here’s a program my training partner and I have been experimenting with for a couple of weeks. Primary goals are strength and functional hypertrophy. This is based on DeFranco’s WS4SB and a lower/upper 4 day a week split. Any thoughts??

day 1
clean, snatch, or high pulls, 3-5x3-5
snatch grip DL, 3-5x3-5
overhead shrugs, 1x20
one hand DL, 2-3x4-6

day 2 off

day 3
work up to 3RM some bench variant
pullups/chins 3-4x8-12
weighted dips 3-4x6-10
rows 3-4x8-12

day 4
work up to 3-5RM squat, GM, or DL
unilateral leg movement 3-4x8-12
hamstring exercise 3-4x6-10
low back/abs

day 5 off

day 6
work up to 3-5RM weighted pullup/chins
DB press variant, 3x6-10
rows 3-5x6-8
supplemental triceps 3-4x6-8

day 7 off

Thanks for the input.