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Program Design at Military Base


I'm at a military base, so I am pretty limited eqipment wise. I am trying to setup a real simple strength building program. I am looking at setting up a 4 day/week split. I also need some help setting ups sets and reps. Can you let me know if my setup looks alright.
Here is what I am thinking.

Monday (upper body):
Barbell Bench
DB Rows
DB bench
Pullups (BW short of failure)
Reverse crunches

Good morning, rack pull, or RDL
Hack squat
Reverse elveated lunges
Reverse crunches

Friday (upper body):
Barbell or DB military press
Chinups or pullups (w/ weight)
Pushups (feet elevated)
Bent over rear DB raises
Seated Cable Rows
Reverse crunches

Hack squats
Leg Curl
Reverse crunches




I don’t see anything wrong with your routine, but what base are you at that you feel lacks the necessary equipment?

With the exception of Florida State’s gym, every base gym I’ve ever utilized had equipment that was on-par or better than most civilian gyms.


ws4sb 3.


seriously? i’ve been to some state of the art gyms on military bases.

dumbells that go up to 200lbs and the like.