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Program Critiques?


just started a new program. wanted some input.

monday- clean&jerk 5*3
snatch 5*3
overhead squat 5*5
wednesday- snatch 5*3
back squat 5*5
military 4*8
bent over row 4*10

friday- clean&jerk5*3
back squat 5*10
military 5*5
deadlift 4*5

My training priorities are explosiveness and strength for football. I also am running sprints and doing agility drills. I'm trying to lose about thrirty pounds of fat too. Any input would be appreciated.


I'd add in the benchpress along with the bicep barbell curl,and maybe some dips if I were you.


I would keep some of the olympic lifts, but i would also add in max effort on exercises like bench press, box squats, deadlifts and different variations of each. You olympic lifts will improve the stronger that you get, thus making you more explosive for football. There is another guy on here that posted about a good football program, look up that thread, i gave him a little template to follow kind of.


Based upon what you have stated I think you are making a mistake.

I think you need to back off on so many sets on Monday. Add a third or fourth day. It has been shown in multiple "real world" as well as "scientific" experiements that if you spread your sets out among more days you will gain more muscle. And since you are trying to lose weight you will also burn more calories by hitting the Gym more days.

Go check the search engine for anything by Chad Waterbury.


What? He's doing three exercises. You may have missed the Wednesday part though, I did the first time. :slight_smile:

This isn't a bad foundational phase if you're kind of out of shape right now - ZEB's definately right, though, you should look to add more volume, preferably by adding a 4th or 5th day of lifting, as you progress.

Hey Kiki, what are you doing for ab work? I know a lot of people will say doing the compound lifts will be enough ab work, and if you're competing in some form of lifting, often that's true. Not for football, though. Those abs need to be able to handle a 300lbs guy comin' at you.

I'd suggest weighted prestretch crunches (can be done on a heavy-duty stability ball or with a thick towel rolled up under your back), Russian twists, sidebends, and full contact twists rotated around every few workouts. I'd avoid hanging leg raises as they're extremely difficult to do correctly without a watchful eye helping you, just a side note.

Have a good one,