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Program Critique

I am currently very bored with my training and basically have had no real goals over the last 6 months so it has been very hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. I have therefore decided to focus on increasing both my Power clean and general all over strength before i go for a get huge program in the pending winter (sth hemisphere).
Current Lifts:
-Bench 300lbs
-Boxsquat 400lb
-Deadlift 490lb (bastard!!!)
-Power clean 220lb
-Dips +135lb x 6
-Underhand bent row 270lb x 3

i am about 6’ 215lb and ~17% BF (thank you Guinness)

I have been both much bigger and much leaner, nether of which concern me at all at the present time as i honestly cant be assed getting real picky on my diet (i cant do it half assed, it will drive me nuts).
Supps: caffeine pre cardio which is usually 15mins pre and post workout when i can be bothered (3-4 time per week). No multi. Some fishoil at last meal (5g) and flaxoil if i have a P+F meal for breakfast (steak salad and falxoil, yum yum) which is most weekdays.
I will get some protein powder and carbs for postworkout tommorow (haven’t had a shake in months, funny considering i have worked most of my adult life in the supplement industry).

I work ~50hours in the thurs -sun period so training is pretty low key around then. Uni is 30hrs in front of a computer mon-fri.
i would love a 300lb power clean even if it means catching the fucker below waist height (i currently catch around where my lower chest would be if i were standing, so quite high)
So lets pick this puppy to pieces:


  • Power cleans (work up 3rm then to 1 rm)
  • heavy bench press (5x3-5)
  • rotator cuff


  • Rack pulls work up to 3 RM the one set of 1 rep 10kg past 3RM)
  • front squats ATG (5x5)
  • GHR negative Emphasis (4 x 6)*


  • Med hammer grip pull up (use cable row attachment on a towel over chin bars 5x5)
  • Over hand bent rows (4x8)
  • T-bar rows (5x12) **
  • Ab work


  • Hanging snatch (5 x 3)
  • DE bench (5 x 3)
  • Heavy triceps (2x3x 5)


  • Stiff legged deadlifts/GM( 5x5)***
  • GHR (moderate pace 4 x 12)*
  • Calf raises (3 x 15)
  • Biceps (8,8,5,5,1)
  • Ab work

*I do GHR slow on one day for the negative, and rep it out on another day. i dont want to do neagtives all the time but i feel this exercsie is bringing up my hammie strength. SL deadlift will alternate with Goodmornings
**The t-bar isnt heavy enuf for less reps and i need to work on my lower traps, rhomb’s. i feel this does a reasonable job.
***SL deadlift will alternate with Goodmornings each week

I need to work on my hammies (see up coming photos) as they serverly limit my squat, which bites. I have lost alot of size in my legs over the last 18month. I stopped squating, so it serves me right.
Go on throw in you 2 cents

sorry about the pic quality, trying to get it under 125kb

…and sorry about the retarded facials

I’d say your bodyfat is more like 12%.

uh DonM, even that looks high. He has easily visible and well defined abs. I would say like 8-10% max.

Yeah, I could go for 10%.

10% is more like it. Where the hell did you get 17%? Must have been bioimpedance measurement, which we all know by now is bullshit.

Why no multi?

i would say my BF% is about right. most people have no idea what they are talking about in this regard. Under water weighing and dexa results over the years lead me to believe that i am 15%+. i have worked with bodybuilders for years so posing can obviously make me look a bit leaner.
as i said who cares about the BF anyway
comments on the program?

No multi, cause i ran out and i’m lazy. will get a crap one today. I used to get all this shit free, so it pains me to actually pay for it!

Whetu, trust me I know what I am talking about. You are definately closer to 10% than 15 or 17%.

shit, i hope your not 17% because i thought i was 17% but compared to you i look like 117% bf. Keep up the good work, lookin strong and ripped.

I would recommend going for an actual Westside program or Pendulum. I think this would definetly help you legs fo sho and get your clean where ya want it. Check out this link I got from another poster on ideas for including Oly lifts in a Westside program:

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Actually the last part of that link should be: do?id=40405. Sorry.

404085! Ughhh!

This IS my legs after westside. my hammies came up (Believe or not this is an improvement) but my quads and ass have lost alot of size. I think mainly due to the decrased ROM. I used to do Squats much lower and narrow stance.
I do love westside, and wish i had more gear like bands and chain etc but the gym i train at aint the best for ultra heavy shit. The bars are all chrome and therefore slippery and no power rack for added safty.
I cant see a true Westside system inproving my PC tho?!?

sorry i posted b4 i read the right link, which was good, thanks. I’ll look in to their suggestion too.
Thanks Snippdawg