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Program Critique?

Hey all! Looking for all to critique my programming. Looking to do a split leaning towards power lifting. Looking to add size and physique. While not losing conditioning. Yes I know aesthetics are mainly in the kitchen. Just a rough draft of a ppl. Look forward to your input. This is the first time I’ve tried to do a split that is based off of powerlifting so I could be dead wrong. That’s why I’m asking for some critique! Thanks all

Day 1: push
A) flat bench 3 sets of 3 then 3 by 12
B) ohp 12-10-8-6
C1) lateral raise 3sets of 12-15
C2) dips 3 sets of 12-15
D1) tri pushdown 3 sets of 10
D2)pushups 3 sets amrap
Finish with 10-15 min light conditioning

Day 2) pull
A) deadlift 3 by 3 then 3 by 8-10
B) weighted pull ups 4 by 4 then 2 by 8
C1) t bar row 12-10-8
C2) ez bar curls 12-10-8
D1)hammer curls 3* by 8-12
D2) low back extension 3 by 10-12
Finish with some ab/core work

Day 3: legs
A) squat 3 by 3 then 3 by 8
B) rdl 3 by 8-10
C1) weighted lunges 3 by 8-10 per leg
C2) box jumps 3 by 5
D1) single leg leg press 3 by 8-10
D2) calf raises 3 by 15-20
Finish with light conditioning and ab work

Only thing I would add would be some upper chest work. Those will be 3 tough workouts, otherwise looks good

Thanks for the input man yeah I was thinking upper pecs might need another one

Training experience?

If your looking to add size I wouldn’t be looking in the 3x3 range. I understand wanting to get stronger but you can get stronger in moderate rep ranges too if 3x3 is 88-90% there’s only so long you can do that.

Or just working up to a hard top set 5-8 rep range RPE 8-9 daily then do some back off sets based off that in the big lifts.

Unless you’re training for a meet it’s better to build strength in the moderate rep ranges. Those aren’t my words, that’s Wendler, Paul’s Carter, CT and many others not on this sites position.

I’m sorry that’s just the first thing that jumped out to me.

Honestly I think you could get by with less volume as well overall just keep intensity high and effort high on accessory movements.

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Thanks man yeah I did leg day today. Too much volume. Going to tone back volume and change rep scheme

I’d also suggest you do leg push pull since you’re deadlifting on pull. I did that for years and felt I was more fresh on Monday and Friday with more days between squatting and deadlifting. This is just my experience and others may feel differently about that.

Good luck to you

If I were you, with powerlifting in mind, I’d come up with some sort of progression on the big 3 lifts to ensure you’re not using the same weights each week.

You’re smashing your triceps, biceps and lower back.
Id burn out and pick up an injury if I done this.

But then I always think that about supersets. And people make them work. So maybe it’s just me!

So you want to train like a powerlifters, add size, keep conditioning and also focus on your physique? That’s a lot of goals all at once.

Not nearly enough frequency… aim to train big movements 2 to 3 times per week.