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Program Critique?


Hey guys, I've frequented this site for awhile, but this is my first time posting. I regularly workout, but can't seem to get big. I just changed my workout to a full body program with compound movements because I feel frequency is better after I read some stuff specifically Christian Thibbs and his HP Mass program. I tried it, but it doesnt allow for any rest days and I get pretty busy. I worry about overtraining in my new program because of the frequency. Well anyway this is what my training ideally is.

Squats - 5x6
Push Press - 5x6
Incline Bench - 5x6
Flat Bench - 5x6

Squats - 5x6
Deadlifts - 5x6
Pull ups - 4x5
Chin ups - 4x5
Dips - 4x8

Cardio and Abs

Same as Mon.

Same as Tues.

Same as Wed.

And I eat about 3000-3500 cal clean. But I started getting pudgy which makes me think I was fucking up somewhere.
Am I fucking up somewhere?


I would highly suggest the "Madcow Intermediate" program for you. Just do a quick google search and it will pop up. It's a full body routine aimed at improving strength in guys that are somewhat new to lifting. All you have to do is plug in your maxes and everything is already worked out for you.

There is also some abs/arms work in the program to keep the bodybuilder inside us all satisfied


My 2 cents,

Find a program you like from this site. Try to implement that as well as you can. Make sure it fits into you schedule. Be extremely consistent. Get a diet off this site. Be extremely consistent. Set realistic goals. Get enough rest and sleep. Be extremely consistent. Watch the scale weight go up every month. Be extremely consistent. If scale weight isn't going up, eat more, consistently.

Lift for strength and eat for size.

Have fun.


Squats 5x5(superset with pullups)
Bench 5x5(superset with pullups)
OHP 5x5(superset with pullups)
BB row 5x5
push ups 5xwhatever

I did this 4-6 times a week and i gained a ton of mass and strength(almost 60lbs on my squat in 2 months and a 25lb improvement on my OHP and bench). my quads also exploded in size, and I gained back the ability to eat shit food without getting fat.


Hmm... but should I be consistent?
I hear you though. I was doing a 5x5 push/pull before and was gaining strength and put on an alright amount of weight (started at 145 and am now 170). What I outlined is pretty much a 5x5 routine just with more volume. I'm not deviating too much from what I was doing. People just always say 1-5 reps for strength and 6-10 for mass so I figured I'd go right in the middle :stuck_out_tongue: It's almost the same as what I was doing before really, so I still consider it somewhat 5x5, just that on Mon/Thurs I added an extra chest workout and and Tues/Fri and extra leg one. I guess what I'm asking is if I'd be working out too much? Am I running myself into the ground by modifying it like that? Or is the original 5x5 best?


Thanks to everyone for their input. Chris87, I checked out the Madcow Intermediate and it's basically a 5x5 every other day alternating focus from upper body to lower body? And QuadrasaurusRex, you're pretty much recommending a 5x5 full body that's 2 days on 1 day off. I guess 5x5 wins lol do you guys ever try for the 6 rep range? Or is 5 just ideal?


If you like doing 6 reps, and its giving you gains, I see no reason not to do it.


Yeah go with madcow


Lol, I hoped to get something consistently across.

In your post you said your goal was to get bigger, yet all you are talking about is training. That doesn't seem to make sense to me. Lift for strength, eat for size. If you aren't getting bigger AND you are doing an established training program, your diet or rest is probably to blame.

Why create your own program when you know that your still a beginner? If you insist on doing so, read CT's article series on program creation.

Again, just my 2 cents