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Program Critique

could i get some thoughts on how to improve split please guys?

im eating between 3500-4000kcal every day, not all healthy but i try to get 200+ grams of protien.


chest press
incline press hs machine
pec deck


wide grip cable pulldowns
hs underhand pulldowns
cable pulldowns
bb rows

high pulley curls
db seated curls
preacher curls


lat raises
rear delt raises
smith machine presses
lat raise again

tricep pushdowns
skull crushers
single arm pushdowns


ham curls
front squat on the smith
walking lunges
db rdls
leg extension

(this is basically the john meadows leg split with added leg extensions)

Shoulder, back and leg injuries are preventing me from alot of free weight exercises and ive found pre exhaust to be useful in lightening the load on my joints, i realise its far from perfect situation and when i feel healthy enough to get back to the basics i will!

i was thinking about adding deadlifts back into my routine to strengthen the lower back and ive heard most bodybuilders like to put deadlifts at the end of the back workout which would be ideal in my current situation. Id do 3 sets of 6-8 or so… (have gone as heavy as 5 pps for 2 reps but my strength is waaay down from poor diet and not having done the lift for a while, probs start with 2 or 2.5 pps). previous best lifts were 80kg x1 on seated bb press, 120kgx1 bench press and 160x3 squat. very disheartening to lift the weights i currntly have to use but there is no point training through pain. if it was bearable i would be squattiing heavy no doubt! :slight_smile:

most things i do in the 8-12 rep range but on some isolation moves i go lighter as in 20 or even 30 reps for a assive pump (usually only on arm training like on pushdowns using the stack or high pulley cable curls which i really feel by going higher rep aswel)

any opinions welcome, my main thing i’d like to bring up are chest, back and arms. so yeah the show muscles lol

You think its cute to spell program like that?

haha forgive me english is not my first language

Its cool. I was joking. I figured english wasn’t your first language.

Split looks good man

If you want to put deadlifts in id throw them on a leg day. I like starting my leg days with deads

I also do one high rep set to start my arm training. I do 1 or 2 sets of 20 and then keep the rest of the work out at about 5 to 8 reps

its cool. i was joking too.

lol thanks man, ive read through ur logs and ur a seriously strong guy. jesus christ! haha

id always thought of deads as a back exercise so im confused now. thanks bro :wink:

Ha thanks man appreciate it

You should feel the deadlifts in your hamstrings. And glutes mostly. That’s why I. Use it on a leg days

With all the row variations pull ups and other stuff out there deadlifts don’t need to be put on a back day. I’m not saying deads don’t building big backs…but when I’m directly training my back I wanna feel pumps. That’s never happened for me with deads…like I said tho deads should light your hams and glutes up

ah interesting stuff man, i may just have to put them on leg day in future then :slight_smile: